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What you need to know about hair toppers

Hair Toppers are a perfect option for anyone wanting to add volume to the top of the head! There are many of topper options which provide coverage to the front, top, crown, or the entire head. There also are options for all hair lengths and fiber types.

How to measure for hair toppers

To ensure the most comfortable fit for your topper, it’s important to accurately measure the area of coverage - you want to make sure you are clipping your topper into sturdy, healthy hair. You’ll need a flexible, tape measure and a mirror to achieve the most accurate measurements. See the video for instructions on how to measure for hair toppers.

Our team wants to empower you with when choosing your hair next topper. Our visual education series, customer testimonials & tips for overall success will help you succeed. Want even more hands on assistance? We would love to help! For more videos visit the YouTube channel! For the best experience, schedule a video consult.

Client Favorite:

Jon Renau easiPart HH 12"

"The topper provides coverage and adds volume to fine hair without being noticed by my friends. This is the fourth hair piece I've ordered of its kind."
- LynnAnn from Ohio

Topper tips for success

The Perfect Size

Remember: a topper is not a full wig! Snap your topper into sturdy, healthy hair Visit our topper page to shop your desired level of coverage


Your topper does not have to match your hair length perfectly - your stylist can trim your hair topper to suit you, add layers, and more!

Fiber & Texture

Select the fiber and texture that best matches your biological hair Heat-Friendly synthetic or human hair will provide the most styling options! View Now

Choosing a color

Using a color ring or samples provided, choose the color that best aligns to the biological hair that will be showing while wearing the topper. Learn more about our Color Ring Program


Blending Your Topper With Bio Hair

How To Style Your Topper

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