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Wig Care Tips

Do I need to buy more than one wig if I wear them every day? 

I started wearing a wig, because I didn’t want people to know that I was hairless. My finances were tight, but I invested in a human hair wig that was as close to my normal hair color and style, as possible. I felt shame and embarrassment of having alopecia and wanted to hide my baldness. As the years passed on, I realized how much time I was spending washing my wig, especially after doing Taekwondo. So, I started putting pantyliners under my wigs to absorb the salts and oils. I did some research and a lot of women were doing the same thing. This prompted me to invent something to use that would be more dignified, so I invented the award-winning No Sweat®Headline It! Comfort liners.  They protected my wigs and made them last a lot longer and saved me time, as well. I decided that having two wigs was better than just one. One I could use for play and one for work.  Since I have been wearing wigs for 32 years, now, I had tried a few different styles that reflect my mood of the day, but I like to wear the same color and length. I admire women that pick different styles and colors and wear wigs like an “accessory” to their wardrobe.  Whatever works best for you if that's what you need to do.  If you can only afford one nice human hair wig, that’s ok.  Just make sure that you put the No Sweat®Headline It! comfort wig liners inside of the wig. Put one in the front and one in the back.  They will trap all the makeup, oils, salts and odors and make you wig last a lot longer. You won’t need to wash your wig cap often, and the liners help to regulate the temperature of your head, by evaporating perspiration, continuously. 

What type of wig head should I buy?

Buy something that makes you comfortable.  You don’t need to buy one of those wig heads with a persons face and false eyelashes, you can just get a Styrofoam head, or create something that makes you happy. Personally, I find the wig heads with the persons face a little creepy! I like to keep things simple!

How often should I clean my wig? 

This depends completely on you and your wig.  Some women perspire more than others and have different medical issues that require they wash their wigs more often, for hygienic purposes.  Going through chemo is rough!  You emit toxins through your perspiration and often wig caps are stained. The more you wash your wig, the quicker it will fall apart. This is exactly why I invented the award-winning No Sweat®Headline It! Comfort liners. They are made of high tech wick wear, similar to Under Armor. They trap all the impurities in the liners, keeping your wig cleaner a lot longer!  You should use two liners: one in the front and one in the back for full coverage. It doesn’t take long to adjust to wearing the liners.  They are ultra-thin, less than 0.2mm thin, but the comfort and hygiene outweighs anything. Just leave them in your wigs, for 10-14 days and they will work their “magic” by keeping your wig caps clean.  The liners stay smelling fresh, because the magic material houses the impurities deep within the liner. They will dry out at the end of the day and be ready to go when you awaken in the morning.  After 14 days, remove and replace with two new liners.  I only need to wash my wigs every two or three weeks.  It’s saving me a ton of time and money!

Should I take my wig to a professional stylist, and should it be a wig stylist?

At first, I only used to go to professional wig stylist and paid a lot of money to have my wigs cut, and highlighted.  Then, I found a lady who was fresh out of beauty school and she told me that they practiced a lot, cutting wigs.  So, I gave her a try and she is wonderful. I have been using her to style my wigs, for almost 15 years, now.  Just make sure that the person who is cutting the wig has experience doing so, and has patience.  It takes me about twice as long to cut my wigs, than it does my real hair. Why? Because I make them cut slowly. I only let them cut off a little bit at a time. If it’s still too long, I'll ask them to cut off a little more. The hair from your wig will NOT grow back, right?  Therefore, it’s a pretty hefty investment if someone gives you a bad haircut. Trust and experience are the two keys for your happiness.

Can I use regular hair products on my human hair wig?

When I first lost my hair, I thought that I could use just about anything on my wigs. I used a cheap hairspray, and it left such build up, over the months, that it ruined my wig. You could see the white build up, and it was almost impossible to remove and it left my wig looking dingy and unmanageable.  Next, I used a generic conditioner and that, too, was a nightmare. Sulfates are not kind to wigs and they were ruining them. Once I switched to using products that were “wig safe” it helped to extend the lives of my wigs. I guess that you really do get what you pay for.  It’s worth the investment.

How can I make my synthetic wig last longer?

I love this question, because it’s exactly why I created the No Sweat®Headline It! Comfort liners. When you are on a budget and still want to wear expensive wigs, The liners are your answer to extend the lives of your wigs.  If you don’t have to wash a wig as often, it isn’t going to fall apart as quickly. The answer? Our liners cost less than one quarter per day and if you add it up, that’s not a lot of money, comparatively speaking. 

What Type of Wig Should I Buy?

There are so many choices, where do I start when choosing something?

Personally, I like to stay as close to my normal hair color and style.  I never liked switching it up with new styles and colors, because then people would ask me questions about my hair (wigs.) I liked to fly under the radar. However, the more comfortable you become with your personal situation, if you want to try new styles, I say “go for it!”  I admire the women who wear a different wig each day, depending on their mood or style.  This is all very personalized and depends on your internal beliefs.  If you are unsure, I would try to match the color and style of your original hair, or pick something that you have always wanted, but never had.  Be uniquely you!

How do I determine what style is right for me?

I think the beauty of wigs is you get to be daring.  Try something new, or stick with what you already have. The older we get, it seems that people gravitate to shorter hair styles.  However, I still have a little longer length, that was similar to my original hair. Take a look at the shape of your face: is it a heart, oval, square?  Then, look at the models and see what kind of wigs they are wearing and what you like.  Style is very personal, so something I might think looks great, you might think the opposite.  Again, be unique and trust your gut instinct here.  Whatever you pick, just own it and work that room with confidence! Remember, your beauty comes from within, and quite frankly, you do not need a wig to be gorgeous.  Maybe, you want to try wearing a scarf, or bandana and a hat, for a change. It’s so liberating and feels amazing to ditch the wig, now and then!

How do I pick out a shade that works for me?

This completely depends on you. The Wig Experts can tell you that you are a fall color or a spring that should wear this or that color, but truly, pick the one that you like best!  If you always wanted to be a blonde, be bold and daring and buy a blonde wig!  Color is subjective and it depends on what you want to wear. If you are going for a youthful look, I would stay away from the platinum blonde, because it can appear a little grey.  Personally, I love buying wigs that have highlights in them. I think that they look more like “real” hair and they add a youthful vibe. If you have human hair and it doesn’t look it has undertones or highlights, you can always take it to a stylist and ask them to add them for you.  I’ve done this with a lot of wigs, but they need to be human hair.  Pick the color that makes you happy. 

Will a color ring help me pick out what color I’d like? 

I’ve used these in the past, but it’s hard to see the color until you see the entire wigs. Color rings don’t show you the highlights and the true depth of the wig, but it’s a great place to start.

How do I decide between human hair and synthetic fiber?

I think this depends on your budget.  Personally, I like to wear the human hair wigs, because I like the way they look and they feel similar to my real hair.  However, when I was in college and money was tight, I purchased synthetic wigs. The good news for you, is that the quality of the synthetic wigs has really increased a great deal.  Just make sure that if you have radiator heating, do NOT place your wig on the radiator to dry, like I did.  It will melt! I like wearing human hair because I can style my wig with a curling iron and it makes me feel like I’m not missing out on anything.  However, if you don’t like styling a wig and don’t want the hassle, then the synthetic wig might be for you, since they keep their shape, a little more.  

I have a sensitive scalp. What kind of cap should I get?

I have always had a very sensitive scalp, especially when I was just losing my hair. It would get red little bumps from the sweat and the little pokey hairs would irritate my scalp. My head always itched, it was terrible!  This is why I invented the No Sweat®Headline It! Comfort liners. I can purchase any kind of wig with any kind of cap (except the suction kind, they are terrible and wreak havoc on a sensitive scalp) as long as I use two liners, one in the front and one in the back, for full coverage.  They are a miracle for me.

What type of wig should I get if I get hot easily?

If you get hot easily, I would get a wefted wig that allows your head to breath. I sweat a lot and use the No Sweat®Headline It! Comfort liners. They trap all of your perspiration, salts, oils and make up in the liner and protect your wig.  They actually keep your head cooler, by pulling the hot sweat into the liner and pulling it away from your skin.

Should I pay more for a wig, or just get something cheap?

You get what you pay for.  The cheaper the wig, the quicker you will need to replace it. If you have a tight budget or want to play around with different styles and colors, maybe the less expensive wigs are for you.

What type of wig should I wear to the gym or out jogging?

I wore my human hair wigs while working out and they were so hot.  My head started to itch and this is when I started putting paper towels and pantiliners under them to absorb the sweat. It was so undignified and I had to wash them all the time.  I have been using our No Sweat®Headline It! Comfort liners for 13 years now, and they are a Godsend.  They trap all the sweat in the liners and keep my wigs cleaner, longer. However, I am going to make a plea to all of you out there who wear a wig while working out. Look at the gym.  Look at the ladies who are wearing their hair in ponytails with hats. They look cute, right?  Try wearing a bandana, and finding a real cute baseball cap, you will fit in perfectly.  No one will even notice that you don’t have hair or whatever your situation is.  AND, you will be SO MUCH more comfortable. 

How can I wear a hat with my wig?

I have tried this and it is a nightmare.  It is so uncomfortable. Ladies.  If you want to wear a hat, take off the wig.  Try placing a pretty scarf on your head and wearing the hat as a beauty accessory.  Hats are coming back into style, so create a little style of your own.

How can I wear my wig in a pony tail?

You can do this, but it needs to be a loose pony tail.  If you pull it back too tightly, you will see that you are wearing a wig.  Of course, if you don’t care, then do what you feel looks best for you. I like to pull my hair back into a loose pony, but make sure that my ears are still covered. This way, you can’t see the wig lines.It’s all personal choice.

Wig Worries and What-Ifs

I just started experiencing hair loss, does this mean I will have to wear a wig?

It depends on what your diagnosis is?  If you are going through chemo, chances are that if you are losing your hair, it will keep falling out.  Do yourself a favor!  Don’t let cancer control you, take control over it.  If it’s inevitable that the drugs will cause you to lose your hair, find the strength to shave your it off. By doing this, you will be in control of the fate of your hair and you will show cancer that you’ve got this.  This will help you with your fighting mindset that you need to push through your challenges. I would invest in a wig, before you shave off your head, and find something that makes you feel pretty. Of course, you could just wear beautiful hats or scarves, you do NOT need to wear a wig.

If you are losing your hair to other medical conditions, such as alopecia, be careful.  Some people who have alopecia areata, only lose spots of hair on their head and it regrows itself.  I started losing mine when I was 13 and it keep growing until I was 20. I was in a car accident that exacerbated my situation and it all fell out. If you are experiencing this, I welcome you to join our alopecia universalis group on Facebook.  We will walk through your personal journey with you.  Again, just because you are losing your hair, it doesn’t mean you have to wear a wig.  I know a lot of people, my included, who would rather wear a pretty scarf and hat, instead.  If you need to wear a wig, has got your covered!  You are in the right place.

What if my wig doesn’t look natural?

Not all wigs look natural, especially the synthetic ones. If you purchase a human hair wig, you can always get it styled a little differently to make it look less “perfect.”  Get some highlights or lowlights to make it look like normal hair.   There are always little things you can do to make it look a little more real.  Make sure that you wear a style that allows the wig to gently cover the edges, so you can’t see the wig lines.  Mess it up a little bit, since normal hair isn’t prefect.

What if other people notice that I’m wearing a wig, and they call me out?

This is the biggest worry of a lot of people. First and foremost, here is the golden rule.  You can’t control the way a person acts, but you can control the way you react. I would prepare an answer before you start wearing your wig, this way, you are ready to respond the way that you want to respond.  Try not to be defensive, sometimes people are truly curious and not trying to be tasteless (which they often are, however.) I would say something like “do you like it?  I wanted to try something different today!” Or, you can walk away and choose not to respond.  You do NOT owe anyone any explanations.  However, if it’s a friend or co-worker, you can decide if you want to share with them or not.  If you had false teeth and someone said, HEY, are you wearing dentures, would you respond?  Sometimes saying “that’s my personal business” or “I’d rather not share that information with you, now” is a good course of action.  Whatever you want to do, be true to yourself.  Do what makes you feel better and not what make others feel better.

What if my wig falls off in public?

This is a common concern for most new wig users.  The fact is, I’ve never heard of this happening to anyone in a normal situation.  I’ve heard of people being on convertibles and their wigs flying off, but in normal life, this just doesn’t happen.  Did you know that 95% of fears are irrational and not based in reality?  That means that only 5% of our fears are real. Focus on the things that you can control and live in a world of confidence, and not fear.  What’s the worst thing that would happen if it fell off at home?  Nothing, right?  You would just put it back on. So, if this happened to you in public, just put it back on. That’s it.  No worries and no stressing.  Try to make things simple for yourself and learn to love yourself from the inside out. You are strong, beautiful and worthy of so much more!  Be proud. Be You.

Is hair loss normal for women? 

It’s more common than you think it is.  Alopecia affects thousand of women, globally. There isn’t any cure for Alopecia yet, so make sure you don’t get sucked into buying “snake oil” from anyone. It’s a genetic manipulation of the genes. There isn’t a lot of funding for alopecia research, since cancer takes precedence.  I would rather them cure cancer and allow people to live, wouldn’t you? But, hair loss does have a lot of psychological ramifications.  I welcome you to reach out to me, if you need some professional counseling.  It’s ok to feel sad. It’s ok to yell.  It’s ok to cry.   Just give yourself a few days to do this and THEN, pick yourself up and move forward.  Life is short.  If you can’t control your hair loss, you need to quickly start doing some work from the inside out, or you will lose a lot of precious time. Trust me!  I wish that someone was there, like me, to speak with, 32 years ago.  Sometimes you need to hear from someone who has been there and done that, to figure out how to create a new mindset. It is possible.  You can alter your situation and change from a negative person to a positive one. Look at me.  I was so angry and upset and yelled at everyone and everything for over one year. I even got myself into an abusive relationship.  Until one day, I decided that I wasn’t going to live this way anymore! I made the decision to thrive, instead of just surviving.  If I can do this, so can you. I’m nothing special. I just decided to turn my frown upside down.  That, and the fact is that if I have the option to laugh or cry, I'd pick laughter: it causes less wrinkles!  You are perfect just the way you are, your hair doesn’t make you beautiful.  Your spirit, your humor, your laughter, THAT is what makes you beautiful!

How do you respond to compliments about your hair?

The best recourse is to be confident, smile and say “thank you!”

Do I need to explain why I’m wearing a wig?

NOPE! Never explain yourself if you don’t want to. You have enough to worry about in life.  You don’t have to entertain people’s perceptions, as well. Life is not about “fitting in” and trying to look “perfect.”  Life is about being the best person you can be and sharing with others. It’s about giving back and being happy to be alive. It doesn’t matter to me if you wear a hat, scarf, wig or go wig-less.  I love you for who you are from the inside out and it’s time that you start loving yourself, too!  Once you find this happiness, you realize, you don’t own anyone any explanations, but yourself. Be strong, be bold and be uniquely you!.

Will I have to take my wig off at airport security?

Nope! They shouldn’t ask you do to this. However, when you get your drivers license renewed, if you decide to wear a hat, be careful.  They made me remove my hat, the last time I went.  You are allowed to wear a hat for religious reasons, so I complained letting them know it was for medical reasons and they let me come back and take a photo with my wig on.  Stand up for yourself.

General Wig Advice

What are three pieces of advice you would give to a first-time wig wearer

  1. Don’t be afraid. Wigs aren’t the same as they were when our grandmas wore them. They are sophisticated and millions of people are wearing them for fun and for medical reasons.
  2. Don’t be embarrassed. If you decide that a wig is your best option, be proud. Find one that fits your personality and own it. Be confident and don’t let anyone make you feel any less of the amazing person you are.
  3. Protect your wigs: don’t wear pantiliners or paper towels under your wigs, they will slip out and cause an embarrassing situation. (especially when your daughter yells across the room, “Mom, your pantiliners hanging out!”Yes, this happened to me.  Wear the No Sweat®Headline It! Comfort liners.  They are worth the little they cost daily and will give you back the Comfort (Cooling) and Confidence you deserve. Remember, your hair does NOT define who you are. YOU define yourself.   Life is short, make it the best life possible.

 What do you wish you knew about wearing wigs back on day one?

I wish I knew that I could ditch the wig whenever I wanted to. It’s not my prison and it doesn’t define or dictate my life.  I learned that wearing scarves and hats are more comfortable in some situations and this made my life 100% happier.  Pick a wig that fits your personality and wear it with pride.  You are beautiful, just the way you are!

What is your favorite way of making a wig more secure?

No Sweat®Headline It! Comfort liners stop the wig, scarf of hat from shifting on your head. This is the only security I need.


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