Try out Your Wig

 Let's make sure your new style is a keeper! Before you restyle or play with your new look, carefully do the following:

1. Try it on!

  • Unbox: Gently remove the wig and give it a shake or finger comb before putting it on. *Wait to brush or comb more thoroughly until you are sure it's a keeper.

  • Wig Cap: Use the wig cap provided when trying on your new wig. This safeguards the wig from product or any signs of wear while deciding if it's a keeper.

  • Put It On: Gently hold the wig upside down by the eartabs (watch video below for more details). Never hold or adjust your wig at the lace front. Carefully place it on your head and adjust using ear tabs and /or adjustable straps.


2. Check Color!

  • Lighting Check: Color looks different depending on the lighting. Make sure that you check the color under cool lighting (more blue) as well as warmer lighting (more yellow) in different areas of your home.

  • Outdoors Check: Now go outside to check your color under daylight. All three lighting sources will reflect off your wig pigment differently. 

  • *Understanding Color: Watch video below for a more detailed description of color variance.


3. Make it your own!

Now that you've decided that this style is for you, time to style it and make it your own!

  • Easy Styling: You can use water, a wide tooth comb, or fingers to smooth, fluff, and customize to your liking.

  • Heat Styling: If your wig is heat friendly, you also have the option to use heat tools on a low setting to get a more precise look.

    *Always check manufacturer details to see if your wig is heat friendly.

  • Care: To get the most wear out of your wig, make sure to care for it with the proper products. (Learn More)

*Not a keeper?

No problem! Place the wig back in the packaging just as you unboxed it to ensure a successful return.

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