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The absolute finest qualities in long showgirl wigs. Tangle resistance features extra fine textured hair that helps resist tangles and gives a silky straight look, multiple hair lengths used in back for a smooth non-frizz look, quarter in-curl tips looks good and helps reduce tangles. Don't settle for cheaper imitations that will leave out all the above features. They may look long but will not manage as easy or look as beautiful.

  • 1 x 3" Skin Part - Center, side, and crown skin parts accent the style and gives the appearance of natural hair growth at the part.
  • 95% Capless - The open wefted construction is lightweight and well ventilated for a cool, comfortable fit.
  • Synthetic Fiber - The synthetic fiber retains its style even through washing and requires much less maintenance than Human Hair or High-Heat Fibers.
Product Type: Wig
Product Weight: 12.85 oz
Collection: Synthetic Wig
Cap Size: Average
Cap Construction: Basic Cap, Skin Part
Hair Type: Synthetic Hair
Ideal Face Shape: Diamond,Oval,Round
Approximate Length: N/A

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This wig is much more fuller, and very much loved. However, the average size cap, not all have the same size head for my head it is too large thus causing the weft to show (very embarrassing for me). I don't understand why the bangs are short, I feel they should be a little longer and fuller, I also noticed the hair is a bit too shiny, and I at times get ones where the crown, sides and back is too thin. The black lace sewn under the skin part should be changed to **** it will make that section look more like the natural human skin, and the part needs to be just a little longer to look more natural in appearance. You say this wig would tangle less, I find it tangles instantly why is that? If I lean back on it it goes flat and tangles. I really love this hair is there any way u can fix it or at least most of the concerns I point out? Please do not discontinue this wig as you have done with Juno, that was a brilliant wig just needed some tweaking, and it would be perfect enough. Another thing, I take great care when combing the wig however, hair too much comes out even from the root, please fix that also. And if possible bring back the juno wig I love that wig very much, and I know once u fix the size fullness and bring back the fullness of the bangs no more thining it out, doing all of the above I mentioned people will love it again, and not returning it back due to poor wormanship. Thank you for your time.



Juliet is much fuller than Juno it is very lovely, however, it has things about it I am not pleased with. 1. The cap is too large, it needs to be medium for some people, for the rest which includes me a small, in this way the weft do not get bunched up on the top and sides of my head. 2. The skin part needs to be a bit more longer and the black mesh sewn under it should be either the colour of **** or suntan to give a natural skin colour. 3. The bangs needs a little more length. 4. The crown, sides top and bottom needs more fullness. 5. When I comb it some of the hair pulls out from the root, even though I am very gentle when combing. 6. Too shiny, it looks fake. 7. Tangles very quickly you say it would not. I love the style of this wig, if you can fix these problems that would be fantastic, if not one day someone else will come out with a better product, all of your customers including me will rush for that better one that gives all including more of what we are looking for a wig that can handle the wind, not shiny, doesn't tangles, when we comb it does not come out as much not even from the root and is full all over. Your decision.