3 Best Wigs for Diamond Shaped Faces

3 Best Wigs for Diamond Shaped Faces

Face shapes can be tricky. I spent years wearing the wrong glasses for my face shape and let’s not even mention the time I spent with totally unflattering blunt, straight-across bangs! I wanted to hide my large forehead. I realized far too late that those bangs only emphasized it. We’re all different and it’s important to flatter the face shape we have.


Diamond faces are uncommon, making the diamond label appropriate. This shape is widest at the cheekbones. People with a diamond face shape have narrow foreheads and chins that come to a point. If you are researching face shapes to find yours, do not be confused by the chin. Both heart and diamond shapes have prominent chins. However, heart shapes have wide foreheads. Diamonds narrow out at the top of the face. Your go-to hairstyle will add volume to the forehead and chin, and softness at the cheekbones. Check out our favorite wigs for women with diamond faces!


Rae by Rene of Paris


If this wig took your breath away, that’s understandable. Take a moment to collect yourself. Rae by Rene of Paris is a beautiful A-line bob. It’s perfect for women with diamond faces. This look frames your face and hits right at the chin. Width is added at the chin, while the cheekbones are framed, leaving them the center of attention. You need to show off those beautiful defined cheekbones, after all. This lace front wig comes in a gorgeous selection of shades. The Pastel Pink is a showstopper. If pink is a bit too bold for your taste, try something tamer. Burgundy is a hot color for this winter, so go for the Crimson-LR with coppery ends to stay on trend.


Angie by Jon Renau


If you'd love to go long, a diamond face shape can pull that off too. Angie by Jon Renau is just what you need. This human hair wig hits below the shoulders with long layers. These long layers are key. For layers, women with diamond faces need to keep them longer. This wig also comes pre-permed, so this piece arrives to you already curled and keeps that style through washing. The curls start below the chin, adding volume where it’s needed. Angie is available in 3 new colors from The Jon Renau Chocolate Collection: Chocolate Cherry, Midnight Cocoa and Toffee Truffle!


Sophia by Jon Renau


Shag haircuts are such a great look for a diamond. They really bring out the chiseled features of the shape. Don’t be afraid of the retro connotations of the shag haircut. This is a chic, modern day take on the 70’s fad. In fact, this wig is inspired by actress Sophia Bush. Sophia by Jon Renau is a human hair wig that hits under the chin and gives awesome volume at the root. The German Chocolate shade looks as delicious as it sounds. Flat iron the ends of the hair to add texture and to achieve the perfectly tousled look!

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