4 Perfect Wigs For Triangle Shaped Faces

4 Perfect Wigs For Triangle Shaped Faces

Also known as the pear shape, triangle-shaped faces can be, at first, hard to recognize. Though incredibly common (you’re in the company of beautiful celebrities like Ellie Kemper and Sophia Bush!), they are sometimes confused with the square shape. If you’re not sure, measure your head: the triangle-shaped face is wider at the jawline, and less so at the forehead.

Triangle-shaped faces feature a flat or square chin, and a forehead that is noticeably more narrow than the rest of your face. If that describes you, experiment with one of these four stylish wigs to see how just a simple change in hairstyle can help balance—and even transform—your facial shape!

Upstage by Raquel Welch

This synthetic lace front wig is pure glamour! Upstage is one of the ideal wigs for women with a triangle-shaped face who are looking for a shorter cut. Straight bobs too heavily emphasize your jawline.

Upstage’s unique waves and layering will instead help balance the shape of your face, and its side-swept bangs will draw more attention to your eyes. Triangle-shaped faces shine with heavy bangs that extend to the brows or end just below the jawline. Upstage is also made of heat-friendly synthetic hair, meaning you can style your new wig as much as you like (just don't exceed 270° F - 280° F)!

Platinum 107 by Louis Ferre

If a wavy bob isn’t for you but you still want a short wig, Platinum 107 is the way to go! This human hair wig’s soft, wispy bangs can be swept to the side or lightly styled across the brow line to add weight to the upper portion of your face, suggesting a more balanced forehead and jawline.

Product shown is Platinum 107 by Louis Ferre

The Creamy Cocoa color in particular offers an eye-catching mix of dark brown and auburn strands that’ll suit any skin tone!

Zara by Jon Renau

If you have a triangle-shaped face, wigs with layers are ideal! One of my favorite synthetic wigs, Zara, offers enough length, layers, and feathering to help provide the illusion of a wider forehead and a softer jawline. With long, side-swept curtain bangs, every element of your face will be in balance and equally highlighted. The length on this glossy lace front wig also gives you more styling options than most synthetic wigs offer!

Taryn by Envy

This stunning, chic style is the perfect wig for women who want variety. As a blend of heat-friendly synthetic and human hair, Taryn features multiple unique color options and just enough length and body for any hairstyle you can think of. Taryn’s blunt, heavy bangs also help distract attention from your jawline.

And you’ll never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when you’re wearing Taryn—the sides and back of this wig’s cap are lined with silk chiffon!

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We want to know what you think! Let us know what works best for your triangle face shape in the comments below!

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