4 Best Wigs for Round Faces!

4 Best Wigs for Round Faces!

When it comes to face shapes, you want to work with your shape, not against it. The right hairstyle can accentuate all your best facial features. If you happen to have a round face, there is a plenty of versatility for hairstyles. A round face has soft features. Specifically, rounded faces do not have angular chins or high cheekbones, like a heart or square-shaped faces. Your face’s widest part will hit at the cheekbones.

Wig Styles for Round Faces

Round faces usually have wide hairlines and fuller cheeks. To offset the fullness, go with hairstyles that elongate. Read on for our picks for the best wigs for women with round faces!

Long Hair Wigs for Round Faces

Code Mono by Ellen Wille 


Straight Blonde Wig

Product shown is Code Mono by Ellen Wille

Long wigs are great option for women with round faces. Length balances out the wideness of a round face. Straight hair wigs are the best because curls can add width, which you don’t need. If you prefer a wig with bangs, opt for long side swept ones. Straight-across bangs emphasize roundness, but side-swept ones are angled and give the illusion of length. For a wig that checks all of these boxes, try Code Mono by Ellen Wille. As a bonus, this beautiful lace front wig has a monofilament part that creates volume the top of the head. More height is always good when it comes to round faces!

Amanda by Jon Renau

Amanda by Jon Renau is another beautiful option for going to great lengths.  The layers here start past the chin, leaving the volume and texture to the ends. The Amanda’s double monofilament top allows you the ability to part the hair in any direction. Try this style with a middle part for adorable Bardot bangs. On the other hand, a deeper side part will get you that coveted side-swept bang. Both expose small peeks of the forehead, which makes the face seem longer. You can’t really go wrong!

Short Wigs for Round Faces

Soft and Subtle


Short hairstyles, like bobs and lobs, can be tricky territory for the round-faced woman. For the best results, pick a length that hits below the chin. Embrace your inner bombshell in Soft and Subtle by Gabor. The soft tousled waves are the very definition of effortless chic. This short lace front wig doesn’t have bangs, which means there is no breaking up the length of your face. You’ll also love the comfort of the velvet-lined ear tabs and extended nape.

Allure by Ellen Wille


If you prefer your wigs short and sweet, make sure to go with a piece that adds height, not width. Tight curls and ringlets will widen your face. Keep it sleek with Allure by Ellen Wille. I love the flexibility this wig has. You can wear this piece in its original style, with the long feathered layers slightly tousled. For extra edge, Allure is pretty sophistication when combed back and sleeked down. Ooh la la!

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Thank you for your advice on picking out a wig for a round shaped face. I have never worn wigs before and want to make a good choice. I appreciate your professional advice. I normally wear my hair in short layered feathered styles which I have been told are best for me. Take care and thanks again.

Sincerely Ann Hall

Ann Hall

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