Best Selling Curly Wigs + Tips & Tricks!

Best Selling Curly Wigs + Tips & Tricks!

There is just something about curls that is irresistible, especially if you’ve spent a lifetime with straight biological or wearable hair. If you’ve always envied curls, you might be thinking it’s time to shake it up with a new wig. If you’d like to get a little curly, now is the time!
If you’re worried about the upkeep of a curly wig, it’s not much more work than a straight wig. First and foremost, keep the brushing of a curly wig to a minimum. Straight hair can handle regular brushing, but curly hair gets frizzy from it. Brushing can also ruin a curl pattern.
When you do find your wig needs some detangling, use a comb such as the Hair Trix wide-tooth comb. We also recommend you use a product like HD Smooth Detangler spray.
What about when your curls go wild and need some re-styling? After wearing your wig for a number of wears, you may find your curls have lost their original bounce. You can restore the curls yourself, luckily. It may seem like a huge ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be.
To begin, grab a wide-tooth comb and start with a small section of hair. It’s best to lightly mist the section with a conditioning spray, like the Boho Beach Mist by Jon Renau.
Using your finger, twist the curl and let it bounce back into shape. For tight curls, work with smaller sections. To achieve loose curls, twist larger sections.
Once you’ve perfected reshaping one section, continue the method with the entire piece to restore the wig to like-new. After all your hard work, keep your curls in place by using a hair net on the piece when you aren’t wearing it.
Again, the process isn’t difficult, but it does take time. However, all wigs require a certain level of care, so curly ones are no different.
Once you’ve decided on a curly wig, you’ll probably want some suggestions. Our customers love the wigs listed below! Check them out!


Jamila Plus by Ellen Wille

Jamila Plus is a gorgeous synthetic wig with shoulder-grazing ringlet curls. It’s also full of body and volume. This wig has a temple-to-temple lace front and adjustable velcro straps.


Radiant Beauty by Gabor

You bring out your inner starlet with this Gabor wig. Radiant Beauty cascades with layered waves and freeform curls. Check out this synthetic wig in Soft Shades, Gabor’s rooted variety.


Finn by Estetica

This flirty style will turn heads. It’s a shoulder-length wig with free-flowing layered waves. The waves are effortless, but the razored blunt ends give this look some edge.


Curl Appeal by Gabor


Say hello to the ringlets of your dreams! These curls are versatile and can be worn smooth in spirals or fluffed for softer waves. This wig is comfortable too, thanks to velvet-lined ear tabs and nape.


Which of these curly wigs is your favorite? Did your favorite not make the list? Tell us in the comments!

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Finn by Estetica

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