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Reasons Why Extensions May Not Be For You

If you are lacking volume, need more length, or just want a change, extensions are usually the go to for many people looking to boost their usual look. However, extensions may not always be the best option – especially for those of us with thin/thinning hair. While I am a fan of both, there are some distinct pros and cons for each of these options for those with thinning hair. While my opinion is that toppers are often safer and better for your hair, below are some pros and cons to help you decide what is best for your head.

Extensions are easy to use and install and incredibly affordable for any budget. They are also easily customized to fit your style. However, for those with thin or thinning hair, extensions are usually not the best option, as extensions require a good amount of hair to clip onto, and hair over top of the area of attachment to conceal it. 

Hair Extensions

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss

  • For those struggling with alopecia or overall thinning, these are perfect if you’re losing your hair in spots or if you have very little to no hair on the top of the head or around the ears. 
  • Gives you a very natural look, especially if you choose a lace front piece or a monofilament. Even more so if it's human hair! It will blend in to your natural hair and you won’t even be able to tell.
  • They are cool – in more ways than one. I am sure many of us have worn wigs in the summer and felt as if the wig was cooking our scalp. When you go to use a topper, they are cooling and allow air to flow so you don’t have to worry about oils on your scalp congesting your head causing you more hair problems.
  • You're natural hair is allowed to show underneath, so you don't have to choose a full wig to cover your hair loss. 

Hair Topper Advice

Toppers provide amazing coverage and are virtually undetectable, and the best part is that hair toppers are safe for your natural hair, as long as you wear them properly. Here are a few suggestions and video help to help you understand hair toppers more:

  • Move the placement of the topper just slightly each time you wear it to make sure that the hair you are attaching it to gets rest. 
  • Attach and remove the topper gently, always placing one hand on the topper to hold it in place while you clip or un-clip with the other hand. 
  • Make sure you choose the correct size hair topper by measuring your area of hair loss, and the adding at least one inch to the area as the topper size. This way you are sure to have enough natural hair to attach the topper on to.

    Do you wear hair toppers for hair loss? Let us know which topper is your favorite in the comments!

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