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Holy Grail Styles of 2017

Posted on January 02 2018

2017 was a year of drama, upsets, victories, and rocking hair. In fact, hair trends reflected the dynamics of this year making it an unforgettable year for hair. Continue reading and remember this spirited year from a hairstyle perspective.

Long Layers and Face Framers

Stars like Sophia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez have always been long-layered luminaries with short layers flattering the visage. This hairstyle can change from functional, versatile, to glamorous for any occasion. Plus, long-layered hair makes for a fantastic balayage or ombre canvas. In 2017, we saw other starlets sport this look who typically have shorter trends, like Chrissy Teigen. This timeless hairstyle will undoubtedly make it to 2018 and beyond.

Love Love Love by Raquel Welch


Icy Blondes

One of the newest trends that surfaced in 2017 is the ice blonde. Instagram blew up with beauties sporting this eye-catching hair color and not in the way Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani usually wear. It was a way for the everyday woman to dramatically change things up without being, well, too dramatic. Straying away from the Jean Harlow hairstyle, the world opted for longer, natural, and seemingly more unstyled coiffures. Darker hues with more gold offered a stunning, elegant look. Near-to-white and silver tones provided that marked trend-setter appearance.

Code Mono by Ellen Wille


Textured Waves

The evidence is mounting for textured waves as 2017’s premier hairstyle. The New York Times wrote a fascinating piece titled From Sex Object to Gritty Woman: The Evolution of Women in Stock Photos stating that the most downloaded picture of a woman in Getty’s Image library was of a solo female trekking through an actual national park—no frills, no glamour. Coincidentally, Aveda released their Texture Tonic product, claiming the public has been asking for a product like this for a while. Sachajuan—another cruelty-free, simple hair care line—featured their Ocean Mist spray, which also helped hair reach that beachy look. Dry shampoo also flooded social media in the hair world in 2017. Women could pump up their volume, tousle their strands and maintain that effortless-looking hairstyle with it. Textured waves were the perfect choice for the woman the on the go in 2017—or the empowered “Gritty Woman.”

Wave Cut by HairDo


Low-Commitment Hairstyles

We just described how textured waves accompanied the 2017 woman. There is another style that took it even further. Perhaps as an act of rebellion from striving to keep up with trends, stars donned edgy buzz cuts. Zoe Kravitz and Kristen Stewart emerged onto red carpets with fresh or grown out buzzes. Again, it could have been a statement of non-objectification or just to start fresh from damaged, over-processed hair. Either way, it got people’s attention.

Low Commitment Hair Styles


Unicorn Coloring

Another hairstyle that made the 2017 trends list is unicorn colors. Unicorn-themed products and businesses popped up just about everywhere last year. Restaurants, coffee shops, home decor, and hair color. Women draped their tresses with iridescent shades. Adding happiness and excitement to the world, people could watch colorful manes prance down the streets as they color-shifted with movement and in the light.

Unicorn Hair

There it is—the hairstyles of 2017. These Holy Grails were earnestly pursued predominantly by women, because of 2017's nature. In 2017, women organized themselves to remind the world they want respect. Women wanted to be acknowledged for their contributions to societies. Women also wanted to make a positive impact. They celebrated and sought these hairstyles in 2017 because of their femininity, uniqueness, and power—truly reflecting the year of the woman.

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What was your holy grail style of 2017?


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