How Does Wearing a Wig Feel?

How Does Wearing a Wig Feel?

Can a wig change how you feel?

People wear wigs for lots of different reasons. Whether due to hair loss, wanting to try something new (but not commit by dyeing your natural hair), or for another reason, each person’s personal wig journey is different! We may not all realize it, but having a good hair day has more of an affect on our overall psyche than we may realize.


How Does Wearing a Wig Feel?


In order to understand the importance of hair in the realm of beauty and psychology, it is important to analyze it from several different perspectives.



Keep in mind that the role hair has played in self-image goes way back to ancient history. As long ago as Greek and Roman times, elaborate wigs were signs of status and wealth. If you are familiar with Game of Thrones, the Dothraki wear their hair long as a symbol of being undefeated in battle. A famous figure in history, Cleopatra, was famous for her thick, black locks. In American Colonial times, upper class men and women wore white, curly wigs. Political figures and judges also adorned them as a sign of wisdom and sophistication. With decorative, attractive hair being highly valued throughout history, it’s no surprise it still impacts how we view ourselves today! This is why I’ve never understood why people make such a big deal about wigs and heels when our founding fathers wore them more often than we do today.


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    Something I have had many a hairstylist tell me over the years is that hair frames the face, and a simple change of part can change how people view you. Hair is often one of the first features people notice when they first meet. It is among the top three features used when describing others and one of the features most often recalled after the meeting.


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      Our sense of attractiveness is strongly connected to confidence and positive self-esteem - not just how we perceive others view us, but how we view ourselves. Many men and women associate confidence with feeling in control, and hair is one way most of us can be in charge. Your hair is yours to style, trim, alter with color, accessories, and so much more. Styled, well-kept hair gives us the external appearance of being well managed and it can contribute to feeling that way inside.


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        Dealing with negative self image is not a vanity issue, but a self esteem and confidence issue. Many times people confuse changing your appearance with makeup or wigs, etc with being vain and self absorbed... which simply isn’t true! One of the most important things you can do for yourself is change something to help you live a more positive, confident lifestyle. Self care and doing what is best for you should never make you self conscious about what the world will say. If wearing a wig gives you confidence, then strut down the street in your most fabulous wig and show the world your best self because now you are able to be that self. Confidence in oneself breeds confidence in other walks of life.

        Be bold, be you, and go on!

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