New Short Hairstyles

New Short Hairstyles

It’s officially time for a little spring cleaning, garden growing, and hair chopping! These trendy short haircut ideas will get you seriously savvy on Spring’s hottest hairstyle trends and maybe even inspire you to switch things up this season!

There’s no better time of year to shed the split-ends and spend the season bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a fresh and short trendy hairstyle that’s sure to put a Spring in your step! 

The Boyish Pixie

This new short hairstyle for women gives the classic pixie cut a modern makeover. It’s sexy, simple to style, and super versatile. The classic pixie is, well, a classic. We still love it. But, sometimes, we don’t want to be prim and polished.

Sometimes we want that sexy, messy, “I woke up fabulous” style. Look no further. The “Boyish Pixie” requires little to no styling time. In fact, the less effort, the harder it rocks.

Worried that this short trendy hairstyle isn’t professional enough for that promotion you so deserve? Don’t be. Add a little bit of styling product to towel-dried hair and simply comb back for an instantly sexy and seriously sleek style.

Or keep things serious with a slicked-down deep side-part that’s so boss, your co-workers will be kissing up to you by the end of the day.


Beautimark Shaping Creme


Not to mention, all of your friends will be desperately searching for a legitimate excuse to copy your recently cropped cut, you know, so that they don’t seem like total hairstyle-stealing stalkers straight out of Single White Female.

Long Live the Lob


Soft and Subtle by Gabor

Soft and Subtle by Gabor | Shop


Have an oblong face-shape? Get a little lift with a lob style haircut. Have a round face? Try a slightly angled lob to add depth to your features. Heart-shaped? Throw some wispy layers into your lob for a slight softening of your features. Sometimes, there are “happy mediums” in life; the lob is totally one of them.


Heidi by Revlon

Heidi by Revlon | Shop


Besides, it’s hard to be stressed out when your hairstyle is this effortlessly chic. This short-but-not-too-short sassy style will have you saying, “short hair, don’t care”  in no-time at all. The lob may be low maintenance, but it’s got style through the roof… sunroof of course.

Go Boho or Go Home


Tori by Rene of Paris

Tori by Rene of Paris | Shop


Just when you thought the bob was old news, the boho-bob shows up to prove you wrong. Suddenly, the bob doesn’t have to be sweet with a classic chin-framing under-curl, nor does it have to be edgy with harsh blunted or a-line ends. The bipolar bob was so last year. Once you walk out of the salon, consider yourself a free spirit.

And if perhaps, you happen to be a tad too attached to your lock’s current length to permanently part ways, we’ve got you completely covered. Personally, I’m feeling boho this season. But who knows, I may be totally in lob with a different style next week.




But thanks to, short sexy hair isn’t a seasonal commitment. No painfully long salon appointments are required. No cutting shears are involved.  You can sport this season’s sexy short hairstyles with just one click… okay, maybe two.

Who am I kidding? For me, it’s going to take three clicks. I simply cannot survive the season without all three of these super sexy short hairstyles in my life. Well, a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do. I better get to clicking.

What are your favorite New Short Hairstyles?

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