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Short Wigs . . . Hottest Hair Styles on the Short List!

Haute-est Short Wigs That Make the Cut as the Best !

Hair above the shoulder is always sexy and totally cool!  It is so easy to take a great short style and give your look an edgy and modern style.  You can just as easily take that same short haircut and make it chic and sophisticated…. Its all up to you! 

Short wigs have been and always will be a favorite for women all around the world.  But if you are wearing wigs.  It is a safe bet for almost anyone as styling is super simple and the low maintenance short haircuts make these wigs pretty irresistible.   So before you get to a salon and commence chopping… make sure you take the easy route and take advantage of the versatility and freedom from commitment that wigs give you! 

It doesn't matter if you are wearing a human hair wig or you a partial to synthetic wigs. Short wigs are cool and easy to manage in both human hair and synthetic hair... so pick your style first and then figure out what your budget is as you will surely find a great short wig in any budget!

With wigs, celebrities of all kinds are flocking to the chameleon look they get from changing up their hair to match their mood or outfit! It isn’t enough to have the best make up, outfits, trainers or flawless bodies...  even with all that... and fame....the look is not complete until the hair is just right. 

However, all the working out in the world wont make your hair better… Only one thing will give you flawless hair… alternative hair! 



The Bob!  

The bob hair cut is timeless and never seems to go out of style.  This season, the sideswept bang is everything!  If you want to be ahead of the curve and still keep your bob style… or try one for the first time, wear your bob with a sideswept bang and you will have envy worthy hair!  The bob is usually sleek and sophisticated and is still on the “yes” list for this season… but adding a wave in to your look is our absolute favorite right now.  Celebrities are crazy for this short and sassy beach wave look.  Try it!  Our favorite bob hair styles are sure to be everywhere!


Editor's Pick by Raquel Welch Wigs | Short wig hair styles Reese wig by noriko | short wig hair stylesUnited wig by Ellen Wille | Short Wig Hair StylesScarlett wig by Envy Wigs | Short wigs bob hair cuts



 Textured Shorts


Edgy with fullness…Short textured cuts are always a great way to wear short hair and add body to your style.  Woman of all ages can rock a short textured hair cut.   Layers on any style give your hair cut an updated look so keep this in mind when going for a new wig.  Here are some of our favorite short layered wig styles for this coming season.


Allure Mono top Wig by Jon Renau | short wig hair stylesVoltage wig by raquel welch | short wig textured hair styles


App Wig by Ellen Wille | Short Wig Hair StylesInnuendo wig by Gabor | Short Wig Hair Styles


The Pixie Cut

Risk Wig by Ellen Wille | Short Wigs Hair Styles

Pixie haircuts are a trendy and takes a certain kind of woman to rock this cut!  Because this style is textured and tight… you have to make sure the cut is impeccable . Every layer is visible on a short hair cut like this.  This is the best thing about a wig…. it is always a perfect cut!  The pixie best highlights textured layers, but layers on all lengths add movement and body to any style. You can sleek your pixie for a smooth Sharon Stone kind of look… or add product and make the most of those layers.  Some of our favorites below give you the confidence to go either way:


Winner Wig by Raquel Welch Wigs | Short Wig Hair StylesTab Wig by ellen wille | short wigs hair styles

Textured Cut by Hairdo | Short wig textured pixie cut hair stylesKaley wig by jon renau


The Lob


The Lob is having a major moment this season as we are seeing it everywhere!  Although Lob is technically named for Long Bob… we consider it still in the short category as it is a shoulder grazing stye.  Anything above shoulder is short and styles blow … long.  posed to long) The Lob pushes the envelope of length to create a new category in short cuts. 

Brittaney Wig by Envy | Short Wigs hair stylesPure Allure Wig by Raquel Welch |


Scarlett Wig by Jon Renau | Short wig Bob hair stylesSoft and Subtle Wig by Gabor | Lace Front wig


The bottom line.... it doesn't matter if you are in to human hair wigs or synthetic wigs. Your budget wont matter as there are choices which will fit any budget. 

A great short cut is a must have.  There are so many to chose from because the demand for short hair cut styles is sky high... always has been, but this season you will see great short styles everywhere.  

Confidence is key when wearing a short hair cut.  Sporty, sexy, or sophisticated... you can pull all these looks off with a short wig.  Don't limit yourself to one! 

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