Styling Wigs For Special Events

Styling Wigs For Special Events

The Wig Experts Present... How-Tos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Styling Wigs for all your special occasions!

Easily transform your out-of-the-box look into a new hairstyle in just a few easy steps.


How To Restyle A Curly Wig

How To Restyle A Curly Wig! | Discover

Get your curls party ready with a few simple steps! Find out how easy it is to re-style and shape your tight curls. You can use this technique on any curly wig and any length.


How To: The Undone Bun

How-To: The Undone Bun

Create an updo with easygoing style!

What you'll need for the Undone Bun hairstyle: 

  • Choose a lace front and monofilament top.
    (We used a 100% hand-tied 
    Cascade by Ellen Wille)
  • Elastic band (1)
  • Bobby pins (4-6)
  • Comb or brush with a pointed end.
  • Hairspray

See All The Undone Bun Steps!


How To: Full Crown Twist

How To: Half Crown Twist Hairstyle

Add a simple twist for instant appeal!

What you’ll need for the Half Crown Twist hairstyle: 

See all The Half Crown Twist Steps!

These fun holiday hairstyles can be dressed up or down to complete any look --a date night or a festive party!

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