Summer Braids

Summer Braids

For women with long hair, we want a style that keeps hair off of the neck during the hot summer months. Usually this means one thing: ponytails! But after a while, ponytails tend to lose their luster. As these summer months intensify, does that mean that we have to sacrifice style for comfort? Absolutely not! There are several ways we can maintain a sense of cool both in style and in temperature. The best way - in terms of hair - is by utilizing braid styles. Below are a few styles  - of various difficulty, based on your own experience and willingness to attempt - that are both stylish, simple and perfect for any woman for natural hair or wig styling.  


Summer Braids


Beginner - The Classic Side Braid

Simplistic, classic, and always appropriate. From film characters to luncheons with the girls, side braids are a perfect way to keep your hair off your neck while adding a bit of dimension to your overall look.


Philo Braid by Forever Young | Shop

The Philo Braid by Forever Young | Shop


How to get the look:

Start by preparing the hair with texturizing spray; pulling it all over to one side. Then you simply braid and secure at the end with your preferred hair tie. Though the steps are simple, you may run into some difficulty if you have drastic layers in your hair. If you suffer from layers escaping on the non-braided side, I have found that twisting those pieces across the nape of your neck first and pinning them in as you go helps not only secure your look, but give an added texture to add even more dimension to your look.


Intermediate - The Crown Braid, aka the Milkmaid’s Braid

This style has two names, often dependant on the level of precision taken while styling. The Crown Braid title typically being left with those who have executed it to perfection with no loose hairs, tight braids. The Milkmaid’s braid is typically a more relaxed form of this style, with a few tendrils escaping to frame the face. However you decide to utilize this style, it is the perfect stepping stone for the experienced braider who is bored by simplistic styles.



How to get the look:

As a thick crown braid can look a bit too severe when pulled too tight for summer styling, keep it soft by allowing two face framing pieces to frame your face. Part your hair in the middle so there are two equal sections. For the braid, start in the back on one side and do an “inside-out” french braid, working up and around the crown of your head. When that braid is finished, go to the other side and start from the crown of your head and do the same braid style til you run out of hair. Once that is done, secure the braided sections with a clear hair tie and create a crown by overlapping the braids. Secure with bobby pins and spray with a little finishing spray if you want a little extra shine to carry you through your day.


For the Experts - Loose Cornrow Braids

To you, braids are so simple, you probably could do them in your sleep, upside down, maybe even with your feet if you have the flexibility. For those of you who are looking for something a bit more challenging and maybe even a bit more fashion forward, this is the braid for you.



How to get the look:

This style - advanced as it may be - is also the perfect braid for summer because it allows for summer frizz and flyaways to add dimension and texture to the look. Start by splitting the hair into three-four sections from temple to temple, and inside-out French-braid each section back toward your crown. These braids should be loose and should not be perfect by any means. Once that is done, pin them into place while you pull the rest of your hair into a low, braided bun. If you have shorter hair, you may not need to do the bun, and may simply pin the sections down at the nape of your neck. This style is ideal for a large range of hair lengths. Finish off by securing the top braids into the bun with fun or decorative pins and some hair spray. And the more misshapen and imperfect the style looks, the better it is!

Are you a hair braiding expert?!

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