Surprising Facts About Hair Loss Part 1

Surprising Facts About Hair Loss Part 1

Since this month is national hair loss awareness month, we would love to go over a few facts about hair loss that may surprise you. There are plenty of different causes for hair loss, and hair loss affects millions of people around the globe.

Surprising Facts About Hair Loss, Part 1


Hair Loss Facts


Since there is generally a stigma around hair loss, we are hoping that through awareness and education, we can help beat the stigma! Check out these hair loss facts.


Hair Loss Can Happen at Any Age


Though hair loss is generally associated with age, it can actually affect people of all ages and genders! 25% of men that experience hair loss begin losing their hair before the age of 21. In fact, even 3% of children lose their hair.


Hair Genes Come From Your Mother


While your genes come from both your mother and your father, your mother’s DNA has the strongest influence on your hair. A large number of people affected by hair loss lose their hair due to genetic reasons.


You Can Lose Your Hair From Stress


If you have ever experienced an extreme level of stress, you may have noticed some hair loss. Stress can cause your hair to fall out. In fact, some people respond to large amounts of distress by pulling their own hair out.


A Wig Can Help Hide Thinning Hair or Balding


Regardless of the circumstances, losing your hair can be very emotionally taxing. In order to feel more comfortable and confident with their appearance, many balding individuals turn to wigs for assistance. Check out our extensive selection of toppers for thinning hair, or a full on wig for total coverage. If you aren’t sure which type of hairpiece is right for you, be sure to check out our hair loss guide!


What’s an interesting fact about hair loss that you know?

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