Surprising Facts About Hair Loss Part 2

Surprising Facts About Hair Loss Part 2

Last week we discussed a few surprising facts about hair loss, and today we will go over a few more. Hair loss is wildly common, and there are so many different causes and symptoms associated with it.


Surprising Facts About Hair Loss Part 2

More Hair Loss Facts


Different types of hair loss affect everyone differently, so it is important to check with your doctor to be sure about your particular hair loss. However, here are some general hair loss facts you might like to know!


Hormonal Changes Can Cause Permanent or Temporary Hair Loss


One of the most common causes of hair loss in young women is hormonal hair loss. Menopause is one of the leading causes of female hair loss, but other abrupt hormonal changes such as those caused by pregnancy or starting/stopping birth control can also cause hair loss.


There are Many Hair Loss Myths


Contrary to popular belief, permanent hair loss is not caused by perms, coloring your hair, over-shampooing, wearing hats, or dandruff. Shaving your head will not make your hair grow back thicker, and standing on your head won’t help your hair grow faster.

Up to 50% of Women Experience Hair Loss at Least Once in their Lifetime


Not only is hair loss common in men, it is also extremely common in women! Since there are so many different ways a woman can experience hair loss, it isn’t so surprising that it happens to a large portion of the population.


Hair Loss Can’t Always Be Reversed, but it Can Be Covered


If you are experiencing hair loss, and you miss having a full head of hair, there are coverage options available. Here at we specialize in wigs for hair loss and we can help you find the ideal wig for your needs. Check out our hair loss guide to learn more. We have a variety of wigs and toppers that can help you address every level of hair loss!

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