The Best Red Hair Wigs

The Best Red Hair Wigs

Celebrity Redheads That May Inspire Your Next Wig– Get The Look!

Did you know that only 1% to 2% of the world wide population has natural red hair?  Red hair is recessive and considered a rare gene, only blessing up to 2 percent of the population with locks of red.  It’s no wonder why red hair is so desired!  The color span for redheads can be as light as ginger blonde to more vibrant and ruby red tones.  There are so many tones of red that are as unique as the individuals who wear them.  We frequently get calls from our customers trying to match their biological red hair or trying to emulate their favorite famous redheads.  We thought it was time we share our top 5 most sought after, celebrity inspired looks, in our best selling red head wigs.

          Sharon Osbourne                      Fascination by Raquel Welch

 Starting with a short, razored cut shag, with a side fringe. Fascination by Raquel Welch  is a great ode to Sharon Osbourne’s iconic shag in ruby red.   Fascination comes in 5 red tones, ranging from ginger blonde to deepest ruby.  Short red wigs have so much personality!  

Short Red Bob With Bangs

Bryce Dallas Howard                         Cri by Ellen Wille

 Redheads are known to be bold and confident. Cri by Ellen Wille is the perfect red wig bob to get Bryce Dallas Howard’s look. It comes in a Cherry Red Mixx, which is a gorgeous dark burgundy red blended with fire red.  Who doesn’t like a red wig with bangs? 

Long Red Bobs

Jessica Chastain                              Taylor by Noriko

How do you get Jessica Chastain’s hair color and hairstyle?  Well, you could dye your hair and have a professional style to match….or you could get a red wig already styled this way in the perfect red tone.  Taylor by Noriko in Red Copper is the coolest red tone and style, making this red wig lace front a fan favorite! 

Red Wavy Wigs 

        Christina Hendrick               Editors Pick by Raquel Welch

Arguably one of the most famous redheads, Christine Hendricks exudes glamor and sophistication.  Her quintessential stunning red hair has inspired many women to “get the look.”  One of our customer’s go-to styles when trying to get this effortless  wavy red wig style  is Editor's Pick by Raquel Welch available in 6 red tones, ranging from light red with lowlights to the deepest ruby red.   Simmer Elite by Raquel Welch  and Aria by Ellen Wille are a couple of other great styles that will help you achieve this look as well!

Long Red Wigs

              Blake Lively                        Down Time by Raquel Welch


             Isla Fisher                        Zara Lite by Jon Renau


               Rihanna                             Hairdo Poise & Berry 

Whether you want a natural hair red wig or a style that is more vibrant, there are many long red hair wigs to choose from.  Straight or wavy, we’ve got you covered!  You can have hair just like Blake Lively or Isla Fisher, or as dramatic and fun as Rihanna.  Are you ready to turn right on red?

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