The Mane Event – Hair That Can Take You Anywhere!

The Mane Event – Hair That Can Take You Anywhere!

Be The Mane Event This During Special Occasion Season

Special occasions like weddings, prom, or just a night out on the town spark the age old questions "what will I wear?"..."what will I do with my hair."  With wigs, hair pieces, and extensions the answer is made easy! Shop all Wigs!

Often times the 'go to' hairdo seems to be the updo. However, there are so many more trendy yet glamorous options to go with when attending a special event. With wigs you get to the perfect hair do in an instant. Going long or wearing your hair down for a glamorous event is a great solution for giving a youthful sophisticated look.  If you want an updo, hairpieces or hair extensions can make all the difference! You can even get a great updo with wigs but make sure the lace front is ear to ear so the seams of the wig are not visible. 

Bun Hairpieces

 The key is to match your hair to your look and event. Ralph Lauren says "you can never be overdressed for any occasion" and we have to agree with that! So you don't have to worry about your hair being too perfect.  Here are some of the most popular hairstyles requested in salons across the country for special occasions:


Buns, Extensions, and Hairpieces by Hairdo


The Updo - It has to be said that the up do is a tried and true evening hairstyle that everyone can do.  Updo season is in full swing with wedding and prom season upon us.  however, it can age you a bit if your not careful.  To keep it more modern and youthful (at any age) you may want to try adding in a braid, loosening the hair at the front so it is not so slick looking, or giving the updo a little bit of a messy look.  Polished yet relaxed!


Brown and Blonde Human Hair Extensions


Half Updo - so here is where casual couture hair meets height and texture!  The half up do is having a major moment for sure this year.  it is a great way to get a look that is more formal while not giving up on wearing your hair down.  Just remember to make sure the hair you leave down is still styled well.  you don't want it to look like you forgot to finish your style!


Blonde Wig by Jon Renau


Braids - Everywhere!  from 6 years old to 60... braids give your hair a beautifully detailed splash of texture to any style.  there are so many types of braids to add in to your hair or wigs.  Don't forget you can accent or accessorize your wig just like your natural hair making it look even more natural!

Raquel Welch Sparkles


Short Raquel Welch Wigs


Height at the Crown - Height tends to give a more formal look to any hairstyle.  So just a little bump at the crown can definitely take it up a notch.  


Clip In Hair Extensions


Low Side Bun - the low bun can be worn a bit messy or structurally straight.  Either way, it tends to look more feminine and chic if you pull it over to one side so that the bun is visible from the front.  


Ashe Blonde Wig by Forever Young Wigs


Waves! - When wearing your hair down, the best way to give your style a special occasion look is with waves! Waves are taking over as the number one hairstyle in demand right now.  You can go uber-loose with barely there waves or tighten up on the curves to get a more traditional curl.  Just try to follow one rule of thumb... do not curl the last half inch of hair at the ends... this prevents you from getting the school curl bouncy curls that are most definitely not in!


So now you are ready to hit the town!  whether you use synthetic or human hair wigs or hair extensions to get your event hairstyle, wont matter as long as you love it, you will own it!  


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Do you have any favorite styles for your upcoming events? We'd love to get your thoughts!  Please comment below!

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