What Should You Know Before Buying a Hair Topper?

August 17th, 2023

Before buying a hair topper, there are several important factors to consider to ensure that you choose the right one for your needs and preferences. A hair topper is a hairpiece (usually with clips to attach it) that can be worn to add density, cover areas of thinning hair or bald spots, or cover gray hair. Here are some key things to know before making a purchase:

1. Choosing a fiber / texture

Hair toppers come in various hair types and textures, such as human hair, synthetic hair, heat friendly synthetic hair, and come in wavy, straight, and curly textures. Choose a hair type and texture that closely matches your natural hair for a more seamless blend. Fiber selection will be influenced by willingness and ability to style the hair topper and budget. Human hair & heat friendly hair allows limitless styling options, while synthetic hair offers style memory and is very low maintenance.  
  Dream by Ellen Wille in shade SANDY BLONDE ROOTED

2. Understanding which base materials will help you achieve your goals

The base of the hair topper is the part that touches your scalp and has the hair attached to. It can be made of materials like lace, monofilament, or silk. Each material has its own advantages in terms of comfort, breathability, and realism. A base that has more hand tied hairs to it vs hairs attached to the wefts will determine style, where you can (if you can) part it, if you have to wear a fringe or show the hair line, and how much volume the hair topper has.  

3. Size matters

Hair toppers come in different sizes and coverage areas. It is imperative that you measure the area your hair topper will attach. If covering an area of hair loss, you must attach the clips to strong hair follicles, this is usually located about 1” outside the area of hair loss. Not doing so will accelerate hair loss if you attach the hair topper to hair follicles that are less strong. Measure the width and length of the area of coverage desired, then add 1” to each measurement. 
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4. Choosing hair color

It's important to choose a hair topper that matches your natural hair color as closely as possible. If it’s slightly lighter or darker, you can make it work because the hair topper will blend in with your bio hair and the slight variance will often add a beautiful dimension. There are a LOT of topper shades available from rooted options to highlights and even human hair toppers without dyes applied that allow color customization. There’s also the option of choosing a color you love and then having your hair colored to match it. Picking the perfect color can be a daunting task to do online, especially if this is your first time. We recommend booking a complimentary virtual consultation with one of our experts! Let us help.
Featured here: Top Billing 18" by Raquel Welch in shade  RL14/22
Medium Length hair topper

5. Hair length and customization

Decide on the length and style of the hair topper that you prefer. The unfortunate reality is that every hair topper does not come in every length. We recommend choosing a topper with a length similar to your natural hair. Measure from the crown of your head to the longest part of your hair. This will give you an idea of what length to start with. There is a strong possibility that your exact length will not be available.
In this case, go with a longer length and have your stylist cut it into your bio hair style. Remind your hairstylist to be conservative as the hair will not grow back once they cut the hair topper. If you have a more layered style and the hair topper length available is slightly shorter, you can have your stylist layer it into your existing style. When in doubt, ask our experts for guidance and book a complimentary virtual consultation.
Hair toppers are the perfect solution to add volume, density or coverage for thin hair or partial hair loss, especially if you don't want to wear a full wig. We hope this info helps you better prepare to shop for your new helper hair!