Why Won’t My Hair Grow Any Longer?

Why Won’t My Hair Grow Any Longer?

Going natural has become a positive shift in the beauty community in recent years. Many women are excited about letting their hair grow out and beyond what they are used to! Sometimes, hair growth seems to take FOREVER… what’s up with that?

Why Won’t My Hair Grow Any Longer?


There are actually a few reasons that this could be happening. It could be one or a combination of these things, but don’t worry, there are also things you can do to stimulate the growth once again!


Let’s start off with some Hair Math. If your hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month, how long will it grow after a year? The answer is approximately 6 inches every year. But what if most of that new growth is ending up in your hairbrush as your brush you hair or in the drain after it breaks off in the shower? Let’s try the same problem again:  If you hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month and your hair is breaking off at the same rate, how much does your hair grow every year? The answer is not at all until you change your current hair routine. Try BeautiMark's Intensive Recovery Conditioner to help prevent breakage in human hair.

Human Hair Conditioner

Split Ends 

The bane of everyone’s existence are split ends, and we all have had a time in our lives where we look down and see just how split our hairs have become. These split ends occur due to the hair not receiving the amount of nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong; and as a result, the split hairs go up higher and higher, resulting in breakage. So even if your hair is growing simultaneously, it is also breaking off from the bottom making it appear that your hair is stuck at a certain length.


Genetics and Age 

As much as it hurts to say this, sometimes it comes down to what you are pre-dispositioned to in your DNA. Everyone has a cycle of hair growth specific to them where hair will no longer grow and will eventually either break off, shed, or be cut off. This cycle can be anywhere from 2-6 years and no matter how well you treat your hair, it cannot be extended due to how your DNA is coded. Though this sounds a bit negative, isn’t it actually really cool?

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your hair is the same as taking care of your skin, your body or anything else in your life. Everyone will have a different method and together - by sharing our tricks and tips - we will all pioneer new ways to promote hair growth and the overall culture of the hair and beauty community!

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