Arrow by Ellen Wille
Arrow by Ellen Wille

Spotlight on Europe's Best: Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille remains at the forefront of the wig industry, constantly introducing new wigs, toppers, and hair pieces. As the top-selling wig brand in Europe, their styles are renowned for their unique cap construction, high-quality hair, and multi-dimensional colors. Drawing inspiration from European fashion and design, Ellen Wille wigs are the epitome of couture and sophistication.

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Meet The Designer


Ellen Wille started her journey in the wig industry back in 1967, after finishing her studies in Paris and opening her first wig store in Frankfurt, Germany. Today, her name is synonymous with top-quality wigs and hair pieces that are sought after all over the world.

For more than four decades, Ellen Wille has been at the forefront of wig design, taking inspiration from the latest international fashion trends. She is passionate about creating wigs that are perfect in every way, paying close attention to every detail to ensure that each wig is unique. From the choice of hair fiber to the coloring and cap design, every aspect is carefully crafted to deliver the most beautiful look, natural movement, and comfortable fit.

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