Amore Wigs Launches 7 New Styles for Spring!

Amore Wigs Launches 7 New Styles for Spring!

Amore Wigs by Rene Of Paris is the hottest up and coming wig brand on the market. This new line is breaking the mold with fashion-forward looks to keep you looking and feeling stunning in the most natural way. Amore is known for being one of the best brands for those with alopecia, cancer, and total hair loss. These wigs are handmade and precise, with cap sizes that run smaller have a good fit without natural hair under the wig cap. 

Here are our favorites from the Amore Spring Wig Collection!

Best Wigs for Spring 2019


Wavy Brown Wig | Lace Front Wig by Rene Of Paris

Ryder is perfect combination of subtlety and style. Light, precision cut bangs compliment relaxed waves that fall just below the shoulders. This synthetic wig has a lace front to make your wig blend naturally with your hairline. Ryder has a little secret that makes her a great choice for comfort. The double monofilament feature treats the scalp delicately and adds an extra layer of sheer material for the most natural look and movement you can find in wig cap constructions.


Blonde Bob Wig by Rene Of Paris

Reign is sweet, fun and delightfully mature. This synthetic lace front wig couples an effortless side-swept bang with elegant tousled curls, making it the new go-to for spring wear. A double monofilament and long bob cut are the cherries on this super sweet curly cake! And now for an adorable surprise...

New Wigs for Kids Online


 Wigs for Kids

Kensley one of two new wigs for kids with hair loss. This simple and functional style for children can be worn by little girls or taken to a stylist to be trimmed for a boy's cut. The wig cap size is ultra petite, ensuring a secure fit. Not only is it smart, it's fun, too! Color Lavender-Blush-R blends darker, natural looking roots into a soft, light lavender purple throughout. 

It's easy to fall in love with these new styles, so make sure you check out the full Amore Wigs Spring Collection now!


Which style do you love the most? Leave a comment and tell us why it's your favorite!

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