Can I Cut My Own Hair?

Can I Cut My Own Hair?

Recently break up with your hairdresser? Too busy to squeeze in an appointment for a trim? In need of a subtle hairstyle change and don’t really feel like going to the salon?  While cutting your own hair can be intimidating, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. By sticking to these basic tips for cutting hair, you’ll be in good hands when you pick up those dry cutting shears!


Time for a Trim

Every 6-8 weeks consider taking a pair of dry cutting shears to your split ends. No need to bust out your ruler and agonize over evenness until you have trimmed yourself a pixie cut. Just follow these simple tips for cutting hair at home.

  • After you’ve showered, towel-dry, comb through hair.
  • Tightly tie hair up into a high pony with an elastic band. 
  • Make sure that all your hair is even and smoothly pinned up.
  • Hold your pony straight up toward the ceiling.
  • Grip your ponytail an inch or two from the ends.
  • Angle your shears downward.
  • Slowly begin to snip away at your split-ends.
  • Continue until no straggly ends remain. 

    Bangs Basics

    • Take a fine-tooth comb and create a triangular section of dampened hair which peaks at the center of your part. 
    • Comb the section of hair forward and, aiming shears upward, slowly begin snipping. 
    • Take your time and stop while you’re ahead (aim for eye-level). 
    • While you can always go shorter, there is no going back once you’ve gone too short.

    If you’re not ready to commit or just know you’re not cut out for the cut, spare yourself both the stress and commitment of cutting bangs. Simply snap in these clip-in bangs and suddenly you’re Zooey DesChanel's fringed spirit animal. 

    Dry Cutting Shears |

    Clip In Bangs by Hairdo

     Go Bold with a Bob

    If you’re ready for a change and could use a hair reboot, a bob is a great way to get your hair healthy and your style fresh. While the bob is an awesome do for anyone craving a hair makeover, it’s one to be left to the professionals. 

    But don’t pass up this bold style just yet. You can still have a beautiful blunt bob without leaving the house. Simply throw on a bob styled wig and rock this look without the risk or commitment of chopping.

    Dry Cutting Shears | Tori by Rene of Paris

    Tori by Rene of Paris

    Fails and Fixes

    We’ve ALL been there, and more times than we prefer to recount. But the best advice one can follow when debating how to deal with a hair debacle is to not. Just don’t. If you’ve already dug yourself into a hole, please put down the shovel, or in this case the shears, and call it a day. 

    Know your limits and that there are simple solutions for your hair fail that won’t require pulling a Britney and shaving it all off.  You wanted a change. And now you have it. It might not be the change you were originally aiming for, but don’t let that stop you from fixing your fail. By adding some clip-in extensions to your mangled mane, you can still turn your fail into fabulous. Try these clip-in extensions by HAIRDO, and turn your hair DON’T into a hair DO. 

    Hair Fails & Fixes |

     22" Hair Extension by Hairdo

    Last but not least, know that you have options when it comes to changing up your hairstyle. While you may be able to handle some simple split-end maintenance at home, the professionals at are standing by in case things don’t go as smoothly, or remotely as evenly, as you had hoped for. 

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