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Cap Size Measurement for Wigs

The proper size cap goes a long way when it comes to ensuring the most natural look and feel of your wig. While average size wigs will fit 95% of wig wearers, a number of wigs also come in petite and large sizes. Knowing the measurements of your head will help you select a wig that’s the perfect fit for you.

Cap Size


Determining the Size of Your Head for Wigs

In order to do this, you will need:

    • a tape measure
    • a piece of paper
    • and something to write with
      1.) Start by measuring the circumference of your head. With the tape measure at your front hairline, guide the tape measure down the side of your head behind your ear continuing to the nape of your neck underneath the occipital bone (the bone that protrudes from the back of your head), then behind the other ear until you’re back to the front hairline, and jot down the measurement.
      2.) Then measure ear to ear by first establishing the top most part of your head. Do this by measuring 7 inches back from your front hairline. This is the point where the tape measure will need to pass as you measure ear to ear. Guide the tape measure from the hairline of one ear through the top most part of your head, to the hairline of the other ear and jot this measurement down.

      3.) Finally, measure front to back by holding the tape measure at the front hairline, then run it all the way to your back hairline. Jot this measurement down, then consult the table below.


        In general, the size of your head will fall into one of the categories above. But don’t worry if your measurements don’t match up to any of the standard sizes. Choose the wig size indicated by the largest measurement you wrote down.

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