Comparing Straight Synthetic Styles

Comparing Straight Synthetic Styles

Straight hair is just that - straight. Right? There aren't many intricacies to it.
Straight hair doesn’t have as much variety as curly hair, obviously, but there are different things you can look for and desire in straight wigs. Not all straight wigs are the same.
When choosing a straight style wig, you need to consider length and cut. Beyond that, you need to determine your preferences with wig basics: cap type, fiber type, and size.
In this article, we’re going to go over some popular straight synthetic wigs. Straight tresses just aren’t going out of style any time soon.
Synthetic wigs, unless specified, can't be styled with heat tools. This is what makes them easy to wear. You don’t have to whip out a flat iron every time you want a sleek straight look.
The downside, of course, is that unless you go heat-friendly, you’re committed to straight hair.
So what’s wrong with having a straight style? Nothing! Straight bobs look incredibly chic, while straight layers give you beautiful movement. Even one-length wigs are flattering. 
 Kai by Rene of Paris
If you’ve always gone curly and haven’t even bought a wig at all, you might need some guidance in choosing the best wig for you.
Before browsing, remember to measure for your wig size! To shop all straight styles, click here!

Straight and Layered

Layers add so much to your look. If you need some texture? Layers. What about a boost of volume? Layers. If you’re looking for that natural movement, layers! 

If you’d like to go the layered route, check out these picks.
 Layered Wigs



Just One Length

Layers have their advantages, but they can be done without! Beautiful still happens even when layers aren’t invited to the party. After all, layers can make certain styles nearly impossible, like ponytails. 
You can keep it all one length with the below straight looks! Bob wigs are the perfect solution for women interested in a short, clean cut hair style.
 Bob Wigs

Elite by Ellen Wille - Monofilament part with a lace front. Available in Average and Petite sizes.
Hailey by Noriko - Capless. Available in Average size.

Straight Pixies/Crops

Straight hair isn’t just for lengthy styles. Short cropped looks also look great when straight. Straight tresses are so versatile with pixies. You can wear it slick and sleek for a boss look. You can also spike it or miss up choppy layers for a little bit of edge.
If you like your straight locks spunky, go pixie, like these two wigs.


Pixie Wigs

Point by Ellen Wille - Basic cap with monofilament crown. Available in Average size.
Allure by Jon Renau - Capless. Available in Petite, Average, and Large sizes.


How do you feel about straight style wigs? Let us know in the comments or discuss it with fellow wig wearers in our forum!

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