Meet Mel B!

August 22nd, 2023

About Mel B Tell us about yourself and how your journey with hair loss persuaded you to be such an inspiration in the hair loss community.
Mel B: I was always that girl that had long straight hair not thick and I so longed for that. As I went through my thirties, it continually thinned and then it was discovered through a serious event in the ER that I had an autoimmune disease as well as many pounds of fibrous tumors in my uterus. I underwent a hysterectomy and it was right before that time that I lost a great deal of hair. It eventually filled in some but never as it once was in its glory days. My hair has been silver underneath the color since my twenties. During the Pandemic, like many, I decided to let go of the color and let my hair live its silver life. I eventually had covid and experienced more hair loss and could not disguise it any longer. Worse than the lockdowns, I made myself a prisoner to my home. I wouldn't go out in public with my bio hair. I lost the feeling of confidence. I might wear a hat but never allow anyone to see my real hair. So, I turned to getting a wig! It was the best decision I made in the last few years for my hair loss journey and there is no turning back, I love what wigs bring back to my life.
Mel B wearing the wig Cameron Lite by Jon Renau in Palm Springs Blonde

Finding Confidence with Wigs How has wearing wigs influenced your confidence or other areas of your life?
Mel B: Wigs gave me back my confidence to face the world! To feel pretty and enjoy being with friends, family and my husband. He loves me with or without wigs, but I do feel awesome when I have that wig on that gives all of the “feels” of having beautiful hair. When others ask “who does your hair”, Can I have their number? When or If I tell it’s a wig. They are amazed! That made me feel so good and It brought my smile back and others tell me that I glow. You get to a place where you forget you have it on and that is a great confidence booster because you will find yourself engaged with those you are present with and not thinking “what are they thinking”, “will they judge me” It is so freeing. To be present again in the joy of life with friends and family, work or pleasure is a gift.
Mel B wearing the wig Elan by Ellen Wille in Hot Flame Mix
Mel B wearing the wig Made You Look by Raquel Welch in Shaded Cappuccino

My Advice For New Wig Wearers What advice would you give to yourself at the beginning of your wig wearing journey?
Mel B: Give yourself grace and time. Don’t be hard on yourself, give it time to adjust to this journey. Watch and learn from videos and tutorials and then decide what you will feel will be the best style. A color closest to your bio is a good place to start. Density in the beginning I think is important to go with a low density. Wear the wig alone at home, get used to the feel and who you see in the mirror. At first it may seem unnatural. Believe me, as you give it time, you will begin to adjust to that view and to love who you see. You can then wear it out for an errand. This helps you to see that know one is checking out the hairline. They are busy in their thoughts and world. Next, wear it with family, with friends, work, and sports. Anywhere that you go! Step by step, you will become confident in your wig. Before you know it you will want a long, short, blonde, red, brunette. They become friends, you can experience the fun of new styles and colors, and you can get more time back in your life. What is the biggest challenge with wearing wigs?
Mel B: Knowing in the beginning what was important in the cap features and which wigs would give me the most comfort. Watching wig reviews and understanding fit and cap construction gave me the knowledge of where I should spend my money! The advice you learn from others is priceless. If the cap is comfortable you can wear it all day! Know your head measurements for proper fit and check the wig that you are ordering. Brands have different construction and sizing so know beforehand. Check the website descriptions for measurements on each brand. Choose according to your measurements and you will have a better experience in wearing your wig. 
Mel B wearing the wig Drive by Ellen Wille in Pearl Blonde Rooted
Mel B wearing the wig Drive by Ellen Wille in Pearl Blonde Rooted What do you love most about wearing wigs?
Mel B: I love variety! It’s the spice of life! Getting to be red, brunette or Silver, is so much fun. I wear them now like accessories. What outfit and color I am wearing. What event am I attending? They make me feel youthful and I love it when people ask me questions and they are amazed. Wigs for me are my fountain of youth!