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Transitioning into Gray Color Wigs

Transitioning into gray color wigs might seem simple and straightforward, but it's not. Switching from brown, blonde, or any other color to gray is a significant change. If you want to transition to gray wigs discretely, the key is to start with a little bit of gray and stick with undertones that best suit you.

If you are thinking of switching to the gray wigs, we got you covered! We've listed our favorite gray colors for our top 3 selling brands: Jon Renau, Raquel Welch and Ellen Wille



For brunettes, it's best to go for the darker gray shades when choosing gray color wigs. However, the rule of incorporating a small amount of gray into your wig will stay the same.   

Jon Renau

  • 34 | Pepper Corn: Is a Dark Brown with 5% Pure White
  • 38 | Milkshake: Is a combination of Medium Brown and 35% Light Gray


    Ellen Wille

    • Pepper Mix: Is the perfect blend of dark brown and 35% light gray


      Raquel Welch

      • R511G | Gradient Charcoal: Is a steel gray with subtle light gray highlights at the front
        • R388G | Gradient Smoked: Light brown with 80% gray hair at the top. It then gradually fades into evenly blended light brown and gray towards the nape.




        Light Brown

        If you want to transition from light brown to gray, we recommend you choose middle to light gray for a natural look. 

        Jon Renau

        • 101F48T | Soft White Front and a Light Brown with 75% Grey Blend with Soft White Tips
        • 39F38 | Light Natural Ash Brown with 75% Grey Front, graduating to Medium Brown with 35% of Grey at the nape

        Ellen Wille

        • Pearl Rooted- Pearl Platinum, Dark Ash Blonde, and Medium Honey Blonde mix
        • Smoke mix- Medium Brown Blended with 35% Pure White

          Raquel Welch

          • R119G | Silver and smoke- this is a light brown color with noticeable gray color, around 80%, in front. It graduates to 50% gray at the nape.




          They say blondes have more fun, so if you love your blonde but are ready for a new shade. Gray wigs are your new go-to! We recommend you transition to warm gray or full-on gray wigs! 

          Jon Renau

          • 101F48T | Soft White Front and a Light Brown with 75% Grey Blend with Soft White Tips.
          • 56F51 | Light Grey with 20% Medium Brown Front, graduating to Grey with 30% Medium Brown Nape.


            Ellen Wille

            • Sliver Mix: Pure Silver White and Pearl Platinum Blonde Blend
            • Salt Pepper Mix: Light Natural Brown with 75% Gray, Medium Brown with 70% Gray and Pure White Blend

              Raquel Welch

              • RL51/61 | Iced Granita: Lightest Grey Progresses to a Deep Grey at the Nape
              • R56/60 | Silver mist: Lightest Grey Evenly Blended with Pure White

                Do you have any transition ideas of your own? Share them in the comments!

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