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Wig Care Tips

Do you wear more than one wig in a week? 

Yes, I have a small collection. It's depending on the weather and what I am doing.  I have my "good" wigs on stands ready to glam it up, and then I have my used everyday wigs in a basket in my closet to wear under my headbands. 

What size wig head do you have?


Do you wear a wig cap?


Do you glue your wigs down?


How do you make your wigs look more natural?

The wigs I buy really don't need much to look any more natural than they are already.  Many of the styles though have to be worked with using a product made for synthetic wigs, if the wig is synthetic. There are many tricks of the trade to styling wigs. 

How often do you clean your wigs? 

Once every 4 weeks

Do you take your wigs to a professional stylist?   

No, I don't.

What is your favorite way of making a wig more secure?

I really don't have a way, they are secure when you put them on. They are made to last and be worn and not come off. 

How long do your wigs last?

6 months for long styles and if they are shorter a bit longer.

How do you store your wigs?

I don't travel, but if I did you can turn your wig inside out as it comes in the box and put it in a lingerie bag in your suitcase or pack it in the box it came in if you can. 

What Type of Wig Should I Buy?

How do you determine what style to pick out?

It's really about personal preferences. People can give you advice but in the end, it's up to you.  Do you like short hair? Long hair? Mid length hair? There are so many choices. 

There are so many choices, where do you start?

Experiment, have fun. If you always wanted to be a blonde, go for it.  There are so many choices and so many people ready to help you choose your style and color. 

How do you decide between human hair and synthetic fiber?

Okay, this is a good one.  Human hair will always be more expensive.  If that's not an issue, then you need to decide if you like human over synthetic.  In my experiences, I prefer synthetic, because it has what I call, the WOW FACTOR. It's styled, it's easy, and I've found it has more density and depth than human hair.  Human hair you need to style, but it has a longer lifespan.  Many women love both, so once again it is a personal preference. 

Do you always buy lace front wigs?

Lace fronts are the best!  No doubt about it. When I started wearing wigs, lace fronts rarely if any existed and when the wind blew you could see the permatease and cap. 

What do you avoid when buying wigs?

I avoid basic caps, I guess I've been spoiled with mono tops and lace fronts. They are the best. 


Wig Worries and What-ifs

Do other people notice you’re wearing a wig?

No, not unless I have already told them. 

Has your wig ever fallen off in public? How did you respond?

Never.  It never should with all of the types of glue and other tools to keep a wig on your head. 

Is hair loss normal for women?

Yes, hair loss is common for women due to so many reasons. The most common reasons are hormones and age. Our hair, just like men, begins to get thin as we age.  

Will the wind blow my wig off of my head?

No, it shouldn't.  You need to adjust the tabs on the wig to fit your head and make sure the cap is the right size. 

Do you know people who wear wigs for other reasons other than hair loss or fashion?


How do you respond to compliments about your hair?  

Thank You.

General Wig Advice & Opinions

What are 3 pieces of advice would you would give to a first-time wig wearer?

Don't be afraid to try different styles and colors. Experiment and have fun. No matter how you arrived at this point in life, being healthy is number one. After that, it's all just fun. 

What do you wish you knew back on day one, that you now know about wearing wigs?

For me, really nothing different. I've grown with the industry and it has evolved. Women today are wearing long hair at any and all ages. We are more confident about our looks and styles and not afraid to grow and try different things. 

Should I buy my first wig that is a close match to my own previous style or go for something completely different?

Again, that is personal preference. With so many styles to choose from, why not try stepping out of the box and trying something different? 

Do you wear wigs at the gym or when exercising?


Do you prefer ashy or more golden blondes?

I love all blondes, I don't have the coloring for them but if I had to choose, a more rooted golden blonde. 

Do you like red-toned or blue-toned brunettes? 

I'm a red-haired gal. Love, love my multi-colored reds 

What are your top 5 favorite wigs/recommendations from our site?

I am a huge Jon Renau fan. I love the colors, the wigs, everything about the designers. They do it right all the time.  I wear, Alessandra, Zara, Giselle, Miranda all in 32F Cherry Creme which is a multidimensional, multi-colored red. It is simply gorgeous. 

How do you think social media has changed how people view wigs?

Everywhere you look today, YouTube has someone reviewing wigs. It's wonderful because you can really see the wig, how it moves, the cap construction before you buy it. You can choose whether you like a certain style or not. 

How has joining a community of others who wear wigs been a benefit to you?

It's so nice to be part of something bigger. To know you're not alone wearing wigs and also being able to help others with my years of knowledge in the field.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start their own wig-related social media channels?

Know your product.  Educate yourself in wigs, the fibers, construction, everything you can and if that's something you want to do, go for it. You are helping others that may not understand how to wear wigs, how to style them and everyone starts somewhere and to help that person feel better about themselves is the biggest gift you can give them and yourself.


About Patrice Marotta

Hi, I'm Patrice Marotta, also professionally known as PC Marotta. I am an author, artist and planet advocate for all living things. I am also the creator of the character Road Rage Willie (The National Ambassador Against Childhood Bullying) and the writer of fourteen books which include novels and cookbooks.  In the years between high school and college, I went to Wilfred Beauty Academy in New York City to study stage and screen makeup and hair. It was always a passion of mine as I watched my mom put her makeup and false eyelashes on.  During summers while home from college, I worked in various wig shops repairing wigs and doing extensions on clients. That was my introduction to the world of wigs. 

In 1995 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and although I was put on medication, it had already gone undiagnosed for long enough to do damage and the outcome was Secondary Alopecia. I did not lose my hair totally but it fell out constantly. For me, being healthy was more important than the hair because I knew I could always wear hair as an option.  Wigs back then were not as well known to women as they are today. The fibers were not as realistic and the choices were slim.  Brands such as Rene Of Paris and Jacklyn were popular as were Gabor and Tony Of Beverly Hills.  I also remember the techniques for drying wigs, glues, and styling tools were nowhere near as wonderful as the choices we now have. We used to dry wigs in dryer boxes back then because women would come in and have their wigs washed and set with rollers and dried.  Things have changed and for the better.  Today, our wig caps are more comfortable, realistic, and the fibers are better. With the choices of heat defiant or not, at least we now have choices we never had before. 

A little bit more about me...

My professional career as a veterinary behavioral primatologist lasted 23 years and took me all over the world. I left that to fall back on my second concentration of creative writing. In 2012 I came very close to my own cooking show on the Food Network and once again in 2017 came close to a documentary based on my book, always close but didn't catch the prize. 

I'm also very proud and honored to be a Brand Ambassador for and the amazing crew at Beauty & Hair.  I love helping women along their journey with wigs because life is too short not to have fun and look awesome.

I am an avid and passionate lover of animals and love staying home with my dogs, that's the best kind of night out for me.

You can visit me at If you want to ask me a question, just shoot me an email, which you can find on my website.