Ask an Expert: Chatting with Antonia

Ask an Expert: Chatting with Antonia

Nearly five years ago, I began my journey at Beauty & Hair as a Client Care Consultant. In addition to that role, I recently took on a position as a Wholesale Lead. The best part about working at is YOU, the customer! My clients are the oxygen that allows me to live my purpose.

Simmer by Raquel Welch


As a single mother, my light is a simple manifestation and reflection of my love for people. I believe in being an agent of change, and my roles at allow me to touch one person at a time. My desire is to exchange beauty knowledge and tips with you while holding deep compassion for your journey.

No matter where you are on your hair journey, I want to inspire you with some simple advice: Look at your unit as a crown, own your crown and honey, radiate the world with it!

My top five crowns, or wigs, that I wear and recommend are updated yet timeless classics that can be perfect for day or nighttime look:

Haircare matters, so in addition to owning your crown, please take the time to shine your crown! I love the BeautiMark range of products as they are refreshing and extend the life of my wigs.

My 3 Pro-Tips:

1. Detangle!
BeautiMark Smooth Detangler is your best friend, especially when keeping your synthetic (and heat-friendly) styles in top shape, as these styles can tangle. I recommend 2-3 spritzes depending on hair length and density before brushing through with a wide-tooth comb.

2. Color Match
Stick to colors that compliment your skin tone when starting your wig journey. Is your skin tone warm or cool? As you become more comfortable and adventurous, we recommend trying a rooted style. Ultimately, remember to have fun and be confident.

3. Mix it Up!
Whenever one of my human hairstyles needs a boost, I love to combine products. I use my Intensive Recovery Conditioner and Luster Serum from BeautiMark together. This makes the BEST mask! I also do it on my bio hair!

Luster Serum by BeautiMark

If you have any other questions or want help choosing a perfect style for you, call our experts at 800-581-2001 or book a virtual consultation! See all of the favorites from our Experts here


Love all the styles & colors on you. Love the Ellen wille blond on you. You are beautiful.. Get it girl & you’re smokin in that silver Simmer !


Hi Mary,

Our experts are happy to assist you with finding a piece similar to prodigy in a light brown with gray. Please give us a call at 1-800-581-2001 Monday – Friday 8 am – 6:30 pm CT. We have also provided a link below with styles that will be similar and offered in gray color:

We hope this was helpful!

Thank you,

The Wig Experts

The Wig Experts

What a delight to see your beautiful face and connect with the lovely lady I talked to yesterday!! Thanks for all your help and I hope this wig will be just what I am looking for. Keep helping all of us with your positive attitude and helpful information!!

Nancy Liebman

I’d love to get this one

Alma coleman

You’re killing it! I absolutely love your style and confidence. Do you chick!


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