The Benefits of Synthetic Wigs

The Benefits of Synthetic Wigs

If you’ve decided to buy a wig online, you may have already read our Wig Buyer’s Guide, breaking down all the types and styles of wigs offered. When purchasing a wig, it’s essential to think about your individual needs, especially when it comes to your lifestyle, the coverage you’re looking for, and which wig will offer you the most comfort throughout the day. Suppose you’ll be wearing your wig daily or want multiple wigs for different looks. In that case, a high-quality synthetic wig is an affordable and very natural-looking option.

Synthetic wigs come in a myriad of colors and styles. If this is your first time shopping for a wig, consider one that compliments your skin tone, face shape, and bio hair color. Our video on taking your color temperature will help you land on the right color.

So, now that you’ve decided on a synthetic wig let’s talk about its advantages. 


  1. Affordability

Synthetic wigs are usually more affordable than human hair wigs. They are created from manufactured fibers that look and feel like bio hair instead of human hair. Wigs made of harvested human hair that require a lengthy cleaning and sewing process, making them more costly. Synthetic wigs can run between $50 and $800, depending on the quality of the fiber, the cap, and construction. This makes synthetic wigs a more affordable option, especially if you’re looking to change your look with multiple wigs in different colors and styles. Synthetic wigs, however, do not last as long as their human hair counterparts; the typical lifespan of a synthetic wig is six to eight months. 

Cameron by Jon Renau


  1. Easy to Wear 

Synthetic wigs are relatively easy-to-wear, meaning they require minimal styling. The ease of throwing on your wig and going about your day is essential if you are pressed for time. The synthetic wigs come pre-styled and can be worn straight out of the box because they have “style retention,” meaning they hold their look without any need to style. Most synthetic wigs are not heat-friendly, so they can not be styled with any heat tools. However, some synthetic wigs are heat-friendly and can be. Heat-friendly synthetic wigs, though more costly, also have style retention meaning even after they are washed and air-dried, they will return to the style you had done before washing. 


  1. Low Maintenance

Human hair wigs are delicate and take much work to maintain and style. On the other hand, synthetic wigs are less delicate and require little upkeep, which is a perfect option for anyone undergoing medical treatments or with a busy and active lifestyle. But like all wigs worn daily, synthetic wigs should be cleaned and maintained for added longevity of the piece. We recommend BeautiMark products to wash, condition, and protect your wigs after 7-10 days of wear. Wash, dry, and moisturize your wig before letting it air dry. Once it does, it will return to its initial style! 

Swing by Ellen Wille


  1. Lightweight 

Human hair wigs can indeed feel heavier and denser than synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs require a meticulous manufacturing process to make sure the wig cuticles are as intact as possible; this sometimes affects the ventilation, thus making it heavier. Human hair wigs are significantly hotter during the summer months, too, and the added perspiration from your wig can irritate your scalp. One advantage of synthetic wigs is that they are much lighter than human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs weigh about 2-3 ounces less than a human hair wig, making them perfect for all-day wear and comfort. 


  1. Weather Resistant

Synthetic wigs come pre-colored and pre-styled and what you see is what you’ll get throughout the time you wear your wig. This is also true during changes in the weather. No matter the weather, your wig won’t react. So if you live in misty or humid climates, don’t worry about frizzy or flat hair; your wig will always look the same. 

Maya by Envy 


The versatility of synthetic wigs is unmatched. They’re perfect because of their affordability, ease of use, and range of styles; you can have a curly style one day and a straight, sleek bob the next without using heat tools. Browse our synthetic styles for a ton of options!


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