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Let’s talk hair!

Who remembers a time not that many years ago when there were two options for hair styles? If your thoughts immediately went to pin straight hair or natural curls, you would be correct. There was a dependency on the extremely well-kept and intensely styled hair - and frankly I do not miss those days. Going from spending hundreds and hundreds of sleekening and frizz-be-gone products to try to get my hair to be pin straight like everyone else’s was naturally, it was not only exhausting, but it was also incredibly damaging to my hair.


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 Nearly five years later, when I look at my Instagram explore page, I see women displaying their natural hair with little to no product. It made me almost screech with joy. This influx of a newfound love for natural beauty has not been exclusive to makeup-free faces. As more and more women are being encouraged to display their natural hair, there have been some changes on what we see on social media. Taking a quick glance at the Instagram explore page - when you search “hair” - you will see one of three things:

  1. Women displaying their natural locks - whether that be curly, afro, pin straight, wavy, etc.
  2. Women styling their hair with not much more than a little bit of styling gel or a sea salt spray
  3. Or, women sharing how to take care of your natural hair.

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This last one is one that intrigued me the most. Hair care is something I wasn’t really taught; outside of “here’s shampoo, here’s conditioner. You use one then the other then you are done.”

Being a woman who doesn’t have that much time to spend on her hair, these posts have been a godsend to me over the past year. From learning how to wash my hair properly to what products should I use to keep my hair healthy so that my morning routine is easier. This new focus on hair care, rather than beating our hair into submission, is a positive direction I hope we continue into throughout this year.

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Here are the top five things I have learned about hair care:

  1. If your hair is crying out for moisture, first address how many times a week you are washing your hair. NEVER wash your hair everyday. Though it is good to cleanse your hair to clean out excess oils, if you cleanse your hair everyday, you are stripping your hair of the natural oils it needs to promote strong, growing hair. Depending on the oiliness of your hair, you should cleanse 1-4 times a week.
  2. If you are noticing breakage or weak strands of hair, Keratin formulas can become your best friend. Keratin has restorative properties that can promote healthy growth and strengthening that can also lead to volumizing your hair. If you don’t want to give up your current cleanse/condition combo, Keratin oil can be the best place to start. With damp or dry hair, take a dime sized amount - starting at your roots - and work with a wide tooth comb or your fingers through your hair to the ends. After about a week, you should notice some major changes in the texture of your hair.
  3. If you are noticing your biggest hair concern is dryness and flatness of your hair, it might be time to consider a moisturizing conditioner. Best to be used during your washing routine, moisturizing conditioners can provide a healthy dose of moisture without flooding your scalp with oils. We love the Intensive Recovery Conditioner by BeautiMark!
  4. When you are styling your hair with products, be aware of what you are putting on your hair. Steer clear of parabens and sulfates - these are hair killers!
  5. Finally, your hair is your choice.

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Whether you enjoy straightening your hair or letting those curls loose, your hair is YOUR CHOICE. Your hair, much like your makeup, should be a reflection of your style and your uniqueness. At the end of this past year, the most clear message social media was sharing is that being natural is here to stay.


How has Instagram inspired your hair care routine?
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