Selena Gomez Bob

Get the Selena Gomez Bob With A Wig!

Do blondes have more fun? Just ask Selena Gomez! The 26-year old singer/actress recently traded in her signature brunette mane for a platinum bob. The bleach-blonde beauty debuted her edgy new look back 2017 at the American Music Awards, and we fell in love! Here’s a quick do-it-yourself guide to achieve Selena Gomez’s 90s-inspired look with wigs!.

Before we begin, it is important to start off with a long bob wig. Whether it's a human hair wig or synthetic wig, the end result will be similar to the style featured below.

Nicole Exclusive by Jon Renau | Wavy Blonde Wig

Nicole Exclusive by Jon Renau

  1. To increase volume and maintain your Selena Gomez look, apply a small amount of mousse while your hair is still wet. Use just enough to fill the palm of your hand, as using too much mousse will leave your hair stiff and hard. Be sure to distribute the mousse evenly throughout your whole head. Avoid using a brush when drying, this will surely flatten your hair.
  2. Blow dry hair using a diffusing attachment. Using a diffuser will minimize frizz as well as add texture giving to help achieve Selena’s voluptuous volume.
  3. Time to style! Using a curling iron with a 2-inch barrel, separate hair into large sections. When curling, remember to alternate the direction that you curl each section. This will create more natural-looking curls. Focusing on the front, curl hair away from your face. You’ll want waves that will frame your face not cover it.
  4. Part hair to the side and sweep across to create faux bangs. Using a wide-tooth comb, gently rake hair from root to tip. This will separate as well as loosen your curls.
  5. Finish off hair with a generous amount of hairspray to complete and maintain your Selena Gomez look.

If you opt out of using hair dyes or bleach, remember that you can still turn heads and achieve Selena’s beachy bob while keeping your natural hair color!

Which of our human hair wigs would you use to recreate Selena's new style?

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