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Human hair wigs are some of the best quality wigs and a favorite choice for many wig wearers worldwide. We have answered some common questions about human hair to help you decide if it's the best option for you! This is everything you need to know about your decision to make sure you are informed and educated on this type of wig.

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Human Hair Wig FAQs

How much does a human hair wig cost?

Human hair wigs cost between $700 - $2000. These are the best quality wigs so the cost can be higher than some other wig types.These prices are somewhat higher because they are real hair wigs.

How long do human hair wigs last?

Human hair wigs offer the most natural look and feel. And while they can be the more expensive pick, with the proper care, they are also more durable. Human hair wigs can last between 1 and 3 years. They are remarkably soft with a shine and movement that is not easily duplicated in synthetic hair. 

Are human hair wigs expensive?

Human hair wigs can be expensive if they are 100% human hair, but are well worth the investment! Human hair blended wigs and synthetic wigs are less expensive, but are not as high in quality. 

What is a capless human hair wig?

capless human hair wig is a wig constructed using human hair with a basic cap and open wefting! There are typically more African American capless human hair wigs because of the volume at the crown that comes from the preteasing. The wefting on basic caps gives the wig more body, which works well for anyone with thick hair. 

What is a Remy human hair wig?

A Remy human hair wig has an in-tact cuticle layer, which is the outer layer of each hair strand that lays like shingles on a roof (all traveling in the same direction). This results when the hair is gathered and kept in bundles with all the hair going in the same direction. This means the cuticle is all going in the same direction in the bundle, making this type of wig the very best quality.

What are the best human hair wigs?

Remy human hair wigs are the best quality wig types available, and offer the most natural look for wearers. The best human hair wigs are Remy hair because it is unprocessed and left with the cuticle layer intact. This means the hair is healthy, not chemically processed and very smooth and luxurious. 

What is the best way to wash a human hair wig?

View our step-by-step guide to wig washing and become a Wig Expert in no time!

What is the best shampoo for human hair wigs?

BeautiMark's Hydrating Shampoo is designed specifically for human hair wigs, so they look gorgeous and last longer. Focusing on toxin-free care products and eliminating parabens and sulfates, BeautiMark Paraben-Free and Sulfate-Free wig care products are revolutionizing wig care.

Can you wash a human hair wig with regular shampoo? 

You can wash a human hair wig with regular shampoo for human hair, however you cannot wash a synthetic wig with regular shampoo. Nor should you wash a human hair wig with shampoo designed for synthetic wigs. There are many other factors to consider when choosing the best shampoo for your wig. Certain chemicals can be toxic to human hair so we recommend doing your research when choosing products.  

REMY HUMAN HAIR WIGS | Raquel Welch Couture Collection

Every woman deserves to have the luxury hair of her dreams. But truly, can such a perfect world exist? Raquel Welch introduces the ultimate in lux hair finished in Certified Authentic, 100% Remy Human Hair you have to feel to believe. And an all new Pinnacle Cap which takes wig comfort to a whole new level.

How often should you wash a human hair wig?

You should wash a human hair wig about every 6-8 weeks, or 7-10 washes. Many people who wear human hair wigs daily, find this to routine to be successful in cool weather, and may wash more frequently in hot weather.

What is human hair blend wigs?

human hair blend wig is a wig that has human hair and synthetic hair blended together. These wigs have many benefits, as they can hold style longer due to the synthetic fibers, while having a natural look and feel due to the human hair

What is the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs?

The difference between synthetic and human hair wigs in the fiber. A synthetic wig can be better at holding it's style even after washing. Human hair wigs are made out of real human hair so they look and feel real, but they also have to be re-styled after washing just like real hair.  

How to style a human hair wig

This is actually much less complicated than many would think. In 5-6 easy steps, you can have a perfectly styled human hair wig! 

Real hair wigs for sale

Finding the perfect, real human hair wig can be overwhelming... but with the assistance of our Wig Experts, it's easier (and funner!) than ever before.

Inexpensive Human Hair Wigs

Ladies, it’s the perfect time to start looking at the best inexpensive wigs you can find. Yes, we said wigs! Now, there are many women out there who have a variety of reasons why they may not wear wigs. Perhaps they have a hard time finding cheap human hair wigs for sale and have to instead go for a lower quality synthetic unit that does look as natural, and now you don't have to!

Synthetic vs Human Hair: Which One is Better for You?

You’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” And if you’ve spent any amount of time with wigs, you've noticed that the ones made of human hair are generally more expensive than the ones made of synthetic fiber. But does that necessarily mean human hair wigs are better than synthetic fiber wigs?  How are you supposed to know which is the better choice for you? 

Human Hair Wig Volumizing Products

Take your volume to the next level and ensure it stays throughout the day by using products and styling techniques recommended by The Wig Experts to keep you looking naturally beautiful.

Best-selling Human Hair Wigs Collections

Chocolate brown human hair wigs by Jon Renau

Introducing Jon Renau Chocolate Collection for Smart Lace Human Hair Wig Styles! Now these lustrous chocolate inspired colors are available in Jon Renau’s most loved human hair styles.  It is very challenging to get complex and consistent hair color in wigs made of human hair and human hair toppers. Jon Renau’s expertise in color has once again been proven.  These colors are beautiful and so rich.  There is a flavor for everyone!

Jon Renau California Blonde Collection blonde human hair wigs line

Jon Renau SmartLace Human Hair wigs are some of the most innovative, high quality and natural looking wigs on the market today. The ready-to-wear lace front creates the appearance of natural hair growth along the front hairline. The lace front is constructed with a fine, sheer material to which hair is individually hand-tied. This allows for styling away from the face. And the 100% human hair is incredibly soft, healthy and luxurious

Remy human hair wigs by Raquel Welch wigs line

Raquel Welch human hair wigs

Every woman deserves to have the luxury hair of her dreams. But truly, can such a perfect world exist? Raquel Welch introduces the ultimate in luxurious hair finished in Certified Authentic, 100% Remy Human Hair you have to feel to believe. And an all new Pinnacle Cap which takes wig comfort to a whole new level.

Human Hair Wigs by Ellen Wille wigs Indulge line

The Ellen Wille 100% Human Hair Wigs, Toppers & Hairpieces Collection is intricately designed and expertly crafted down to the smallest detail. This supremely natural look comes from the finest 100% Remy Human Hair, hand-tied caps, invisible lace front and monofilament top.

Ellen Wille Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs by Envy wigs collection

Envy wigs offers the very best in quality human hair wigs. Shop Envy for all your favorite styles and cuts in human hair. Enjoy the natural look of human hair with the distinctly fashion forward feel of Envy wigs. 

Human hair wigs by envy Wigs

Remy Human Hair Wigs by Estetica Luxuria Exclusive Remi wig line

The Luxuria Collection features the most exclusive hand-tied Remi human hair wigs. Each wig is uniquely handmade using the most elite quality Remi human hair ensuring a look that is simply flawless.

Estetica Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair wigs by Hairdo wig line

For great hair every day, choose hairdo human hair wigs. All hairdo wigs are fun and flawless, and the hairpieces and extensions are a snap to wear. These runway inspired looks are perfect for glamouristas everywhere!

Hairdo Human Hair Wigs



Human hair wigs by Vivica Fox wig line

Vivica Fox human hair wigs are fashion forward and fierce. One of the most innovative in the business, this wig collection continues to reflect current trends in both colors and styles. With features that focus on comfort, fit and a dramatic style, you are sure to find a look that brings out the superstar in you!

Vivica Fox Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs by Wig Pro collection

Wig Pro offers a collection of human hair wigs that are unparalleled in quality with a distinctive selection of styles. These wigs are lightweight and comfortable with unsurpassed color consistency. 

Wig Pro Human Hair Wigs


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