How To Make Your Wig Last

How To Make Your Wig Last

When you first start wearing wigs, it's expected to be unsure how to take care of them to make sure they have a long, healthy life. It's important to be educated on how to properly wash, store and style wigs so that you are worry-free and confident.

How To Make A Synthetic Wig Last 

The first thing to consider is the type of wig you have. The care routine for human hair wigs is not the same as that of synthetic wigs. If your wig is synthetic, is it heat-friendly? Wigs that are not able to be styled with hot tools require less maintenance, but it's very important to never attempt to use a curling iron, flat iron or blow dryer on these wigs as it will most certainly ruin the synthetic fiber and cut your wigs life short. 

If you have a heat friendly synthetic wig, you are able to style with hot tools. Just be sure to follow the manufacturers directions and never exceed the recommended temperature. Though these wigs easy to maintain and a financially friendly alternative to the more expensive human hair wigs, they often do not last as long. 

Synthetic wigs don’t have real moisture like human hair, so they can tend to feel dry if not conditioned properly. Thankfully, there are shampoos and conditioners formulated specifically for synthetic wigs. This is perhaps the wig industry's best kept secret! Some wig wearers even use fabric softener as a conditioning agent, combating static electricity in synthetic wigs. Once the fibers in the wig are no longer dry, static cling is under control, frizz is prevented and those pesky fly-aways are kept at bay.

Please note* does not recommend using methods outside of manufacturer's instructions. Creative methods should only be tried on wigs you don't care to lose!

Detailed below is one way of conditioning synthetic wigs with fabric softener to help them last longer and keep their shape.

Here is what you will need:

  • A spray bottle
  • Fabric softener
  • Cold water

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  1. Take two parts liquid fabric softener and two parts water. You can use as much or as little of both as you choose, but make sure they are of equal parts. Depending on the length and texture of the wig, you may decide you need a bit more or less for different wigs.
  2. Once you measure your parts, mix the two in a spray bottle; mixing well. And then you are ready to start conditioning!
  3. After you remove your wig at the end of the day, douse the fibers in the fabric softener/water mixture.
  4. Then wrap the wig in a towel--but DO NOT rub the towel against the synthetic hair; simply dab.
  5. Now, let the wig dry on a wig stand, letting the excess mixture air-dry overnight. Some find it best to do the spraying part of this technique over a tub or sink in order to avoid leaving a slippery mess - especially if you are the clumsy type.

If you want a quick condition before you go in the morning, you can lightly spray the same mixture.

Here are a few other Do’s and Don’ts for synthetic hair wearers:

• DON’T use a brush on curly wigs.

• DON’T use a brush or a comb on straight wigs when wet.

• DO take off the wig when going to bed.

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How do you make your wigs last?


Hi Charlot,

If your piece is synthetic, luckily, it won’t react to the environment. If you have a heat friendly piece, it will respond to heat. We recommend using a detangler like our Beautimark Smooth Detangler to help tame frizz and tangling (<> We recommend conditioning as often as you feel the fiber needs it.

The Wig Experts

I live in the South where we have high humidity. Do I need to condition spray often? How often should I wash my HR synthetic wig? Should I condition each time I wash it?

Charlot Ray

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